Blut – Hermeneutics

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: AUSR
Released: 29th May 2020
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Band line-up:

Alessandro Schümperlin – Vocals, backing vocals, programming, composer, producer
Chiara Manese – Vocals, backing vocals, co-composer
Stefano Corona – Drums machine, loops, synth, co-composer
Marco Borghi – Guitars, co-composer


01 – 0 The Fool
02 – 1 The Magician
03 – 2 The High Priestess
04 – 3 The Empress
05 – 4 The Emperor
06 – 5 The Hierophant
07 – 6 The Lovers
08 – 7 The Chariot
09 – 8 The Strength
10 – 9 The Hermit
11 – 10 The Wheel of Fortune
12 – 11 The Justice
13 – 12 The Hanged Man
14 – 13 XIII
15 – 14 The Temperance
16 – 15 The Devil
17 – 16 The Tower
18 – 17 The Star
19 – 18 The Moon
20 – 19 The Sun
21 – 20 The Judgement
22 – 21 The World


To get updated on the band’s previous musical history: they have produced a number of releases from 2015 through to the present day for Secret Sound and Sliptrick Records, including singles “Forget Paris”, “Inside the Evil” and “Jerusalem Calls Me”, and full length releases Inside the Minds Parts I and II.

Now we’re up to date on the band’s recent discography,  I can introduce their new album which is called “Hermeneutics”, in which each song is dedicated to one of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Upon listening to each song, there is a lot of different creative infusion throughout using the male and female voices to interpret each tarot card. The two vocalists create the dark and light aspects of spirituality, hidden desires and knowledge. The album has been mixed and mastered at Real Sound Studio in Milan and this studio aided in quality over the production of the album.

I admit I had to listen a few times to all the songs as they are very creatively structured, with loads of infusion of timing changes, at times right in the middle of the songs. This is not a negative criticism; it’s something where I had to get used to this style, and once I got into it, I played the music loud. The songs that stuck out are The Magician, The Strength and The Devil.

Since listening to their new album, I have also tried their previous albums, and you can tell they have developed in their style but kept to the genre of Gothic metal. In my personal opinion, I would buy this album as each song is a masterpiece, and I would recommend others to either listen or buy too. This is a good purchase if you like this style of music or want to try out something new.

Review by

Jessica Plumb

The lyric video for the song “The Magician”: