The Path of Memory – Hell is Other People

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Iron Bonehead
Released: 19th June 2020
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01 Don’t Worry About Me 4:11
02 Rancid Song 2:48
03 Let Me Write a Song 2:54
04 Truth 1:49
05 I Tried, and I Failed 3:03
06 It Hurts Me3:16
07 A Thousand Days and Nights 3:33
08 Alone, Alive 3:36
09 Oppressé de rentrer 3:17
10 Locked Away 4:10
11 I Skulled the World 2:18


On researching for this review, I didn’t know who is behind the scenes and creativity for the band; all I knew was the creator is a veteran of the black metal scene. This adds more mystery for this band as they’re brand new, and upon listening to the album, which is produced by the IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, it adds to a quality sounding album. It will be released via CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hell is Other People is THE PATH OF MEMORY’s debut recording. On listening, you can hear this album is going to be tight, compact and consistent throughout. This album lasts for 35 minutes with 11 songs, it’s done in a dark style, and there is a story unfolding of desolating experiences which you are drawn in to listen too.

I enjoyed the second part of the album with songs like “A Thousand Days and Nights” and “I Skulled The World”, which struck and stayed with me throughout the day due to the male vocalist’s deep tones and the riffs. In my personal opinion, I found the second part of the album flowed more easily from one song to another, where the first part took a while to get into as there are different song styles for everyone, though this is not a negative thing.

For more additional information: on “A Thousand Days and Nights”, you’ll automatically start swaying to the beat and getting transported into the music. This song sounds to me like a nod to the dark 80’s bands, which I love. Also, for a more in-depth description of “I Skulled the World”, it uses a slow build-up that turns into this catchy beat in which you’ll find yourself singing the chorus. It’s dark in style, but I find this song has a humorous side to it, maybe because I have a dark sense of humour.

So if you like dark rock or fancy trying a new genre out, give this band a listen; to be honest, I don’t normally listen to dark rock, but I enjoyed this due to its different sound a, and I appreciated the hard work that was put into creating this album.

Review by

Jessica Plumb