Exit – Traces Of Human Existence

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: Art Gates Records
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://exit666.bandcamp.com/
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Band line-up:

Beni The Animal – Vocals & guitar
Steve The Methaller – Vocals & bass
Mart4Finger – Guitars
Andyman – Drums

  1. The Power The Hate The Greed
  2. None Of Our Business
  3. The Final Youth
  4. Only Pain Is Real
  5. Born to Burn
  6. Miserable Life
  7. Empire
  8. To The Void
  9. The Lion’s Share

Swiss thrash/death metal combo Exit was founded in 1995. This widely experienced metal line up has been together for more than 20 years, releasing 4 studio albums over the years: “Bis ans Ende aller Tage”(2001), “Her DarkPassion” (2006), “III” (2009) and “Face The Enemy”(2014). The band has over 20 years of live experience, has played more than 100 shows, and has performed in several festivals such as Canyon Rock Open Air, Suhrennacht Open Air, Deserted Valley Metalday, etc. Exit released their latest opus “Into Darkness” in October/November 2016 through Art Gates Records worldwide and now they are ready for their new album, “Traces Of Human Existence”, coming out on June 12th through Art Gates Records worldwide

The opening to the album starts strong with its noticeable tones of thrash metal and death metal-like vocals to grip the listener. I found this carried over into the next song which had a slow buildup, but then you are immediately flung into a high energy section consisting of heavy drum patterns and down-picked guitar riffs. However, I did find quite a few of the songs to be generic in the sound and not demonstrating their true talent.

That being said, I particularly enjoyed the songs Only Pain Is Real and Empire as they both featured a pleasant clean intro which was later overtaken by heavy guitar riffs and drum patterns through a very fast tempo. Also, Empire’s cleaner vocals were a welcome deviation from your normal death metal vocalisation.

I found To The Void an interesting song as well due I found it to be very fast but rhythmic, and could see this song be appropriate for people that are fans of moshing. Throughout it, there were reminiscent sounds that reflect the great metalcore genre.

Finally, The Lion’s Share concludes the album on a strong and heavy finisher which helps wrap up the entire album.

Review by

Rossy Maguire