Psych rockers MOTHER ISLAND premiere second single from upcoming album!

“Motel Rooms” to be released May 22nd on Go Down Records

MOTHER ISLAND is a surreal, whimsical and lunatic space where five musicians resurface their primary and dawning influences, truly “A Magic Theatre, For Madmen Only”. With a love for Italian movies of the 60’s and a deeply surf-oriented flair, MOTHER ISLAND is ready more than ever to bring abroad their personal reinterpretation of what was rock’n’roll about in its golden era. “Till The Morning Comes”, the album’s groovy opening track, streaming now at THIS LOCATION

The band about the song: “Till the morning comes was born in a very natural way, during what was probably the most creative period of the whole process. The vaguely exotic flavor is due to some kind of music we listened at that time and that we actually have never stopped listening to.
Lyrically, the song is about two lovers united in the light that from within their bodies spreads up to illuminate the sky at dusk. They dance in the stars until a new sun comes up, until the morning comes.

Motel Rooms” will be coming out May 22nd on Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order RIGHT HERE

Anita Formilan | vocals
Nicolò De Franceschi | guitar
Nicola Tamiozzo | guitar
Giacomo Totti | bass
Nicola Bottene | drums

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