The Hallowed Catharsis – Killowner

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Lacerated Enemy Records
Released: 2020
Band Website: The Hallowed Catharsis – Home

Band line-up:

Sean Ip – lead vocals
Kyle Bains – guitars
Claire Lamb – guitars
Michael Holme – bass, backing vocals
Kevin Emms – drums


1. Abduction Sequence
2. Forced Mutation
3. Breeding Pits
4. Swap Meat
5. Strays
6. Killowner


A year after releasing the single The Gaia Expulsion, Canadian progressive/technical death metal outfit The Hallowed Catharsis are back with their latest EP Killowner. The band says of the forthcoming release:

“The new record, Killowner, explores faster, shorter, and more brutal song structures than on the band’s previous offerings. Killowner tells the desperate story of the end of life for a mutated human pet of an elitist extraterrestrial master after she has lost her merit and attempts at having her breed prove futile.”

‘Abduction Sequence’ kicks things off with a very progressive-sounding intro. It then morphs into a quick-paced tech death metal song, setting the pace for the following tracks. A stomping beginning announces ‘Forced Mutation’, the rhythm section shining from beginning to end. The speedy delivery of the lyrics in ‘Breeding Pits’ over the guitars works well, especially towards the end. ‘Swap Meat’ begins in a similar way to Killowner‘s opener ‘Abduction Sequence,’ with the melodies heard throughout the majority of the song. This ties tracks one and 4 together nicely. Some really groovy guitar sections and a short but sweet solo make penultimate number ‘Strays’ a memorable moment on this release.

The final and longest offering of the six is the most successful. From its sinister-sounding intro to its violently-voiced lyrics, it is quite clear why it is the title track. ‘Killowner’ demands that you “kill your master, kill your owner” in such a frenzied way that the words are bound to stay with you a while after listening. Delivered in a frenetic and varied manner, the vocals are definitely a strong point on the closing track.

Killowner flows seamlessly from track-to-track, which is a great touch. However, the EP does seem to fly by as it is only almost a quarter of an hour long. A few more progressive moments would have created a more dynamic listening experience, as the sound leans largely towards the tech death subgenre. On the whole, a very eventful and entertainingly good extended play from The Hallowed Catharsis.

Review by

Kira Levine