Dismalimerence – Tome: 1

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Transcending Records
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Dismalimerence – Home

Band line-up:

Elijah Cirricione – Guitar, vocals
Matt Mifflin – Guitar
Craig Hamburger – Bass
Joey Casillas – Drums


1. Crimson Glow
2. Sequestered Hearts
3. My Only Love
4. Orchid’s Reverie
5. Pragma
6. Negligence Of The Forgotten
7. Vale Amor
8. Destined For Solitude


Chicago, Illinois’ progressive/atmospheric black metal outfit Dismalimerence are due to release their debut album Tome: 1  in late June.

“Evoking the cold fury of emotive black metal powerhouses like Woods of Desolation and the warmer approach of artists such as Panopticon is Chicago’s own DISMALIMERENCE. A blistering yet beautiful Black Metal outfit whose origins date back to the year 2011 and a dark time in the life of frontman and guitar player Elijah Cirricione. The band’s eight track debut full length Tome: 1 puts DISMALIMERENCE in place to be a group to be acknowledged in the US Black Metal scene.”

At a dozen minutes long, ‘Crimson Glow’ conveys rage, desolation, and even, at times, a triumphant mood. Halfway through this epic track, the listener is greeted with metalcore-like breakdown. This is an unexpected yet effective contrast with the melodic moments of the song. The piano sections are very emotive, especially in the closing seconds. ‘Sequestered Hearts’ is blast beat-happy from its beginning, with a calm atmospheric break changing the mood momentarily.

Third track ‘My Only Love’ sees the resurgence of a breakdown, which really adds to the song’s fierce nature. A great blend of black metal and progressive rock can be heard in ‘Orchid’s Reverie’, sounding almost vintage at times.

Choral voices and a harp melody announce ‘Pragma’, before the song transforms into a roaring number. With its radiant intro and soaring guitar-work, ‘Negligence Of The Forgotten’ has the most uplifting sound on the album. With depressive lyrics such as “A lifelong journey without the stars / No illuminance to my paths”, the music provides a sense of hope.

‘Vale Amor’ showcases the band’s atmospheric side very well, with over three minutes of instrumental before the vocals kick in. Final offering ‘Destined For Solitude’ is a great blend of the softer and harsher sides to the album.

Ferocious yet very melodic, Tome: 1 is an amazing feat. A fantastic first full-length from Dismalimerence.

Review by

Kira Levine