Psychedelic surf rockers MOTHER ISLAND premiere captivating new single “Eyes of Shadow”!

MOTHER ISLAND is a surreal, whimsical and lunatic space where five musicians resurface their primary and dawning influences, truly “A Magic Theatre, For Madmen Only”. With a love for Italian movies of the ’60s and a deeply surf-oriented flair, “Motel Rooms”, the brand new upcoming third full-length record by Vicenza’s psych-rockers MOTHER ISLAND, will make people move their feet!

After already releasing two singles of the album, “And We’re Shining” and “Till The Morning Comes“, the band now premiered a third and final track of the forthcoming album.

Watch the new video here:

“We’re very happy how “Eyes of Shadow” turned out, but overall the writing process took us longer as expected. We had to approach the song, which means we had to mess around with sketches, distancing ourselves from it again, taking things back later in order to make the song work. With a tight rhythm and a melody both driving, an obsessive and distended crescendo, which is taking the listener into a rapturous suspension, we wanted to suggest some sort of a metaphoric trip. Lyrically Anita describes an initiatory relationship of a femme fatale with a vague, dark and otherworldly essence. And while staring into her eyes, all she sees are shadows.” MOTHER ISLAND comments.

“Motel Rooms” is out Friday, May 22nd on Go Down Records and is available for purchase RIGHT HERE