Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label [URL] Clobber Records
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Gray Preston – Vocals
JJ Flames – Bass/Vocals
Carps Carpenter – Guitar
Jake Doherty – Guitar
Rob Slade – Drums
(Drums on In Asylum Requiem performed by Rael Bearman)


1. Lest The Night Be Thorned
2. In Asylum Requiem
3. One Beast One God
4. From Agony To Cold
5. Nameless Realm Eternal
6. To The Earth, To The Corpse, To The Seas


In the dark and creative pastiche that is the UK black metal scene, there is one band who stand out for expressing poetic originality whilst retaining their humility as a band who can attract all ranges of fans from all genres within the black metal canon. That band is Shadowflag, and they have returned to the UK stage once again with their fourth studio album: “In Asylum Requiem.”

Having well acquainted myself with the UK black metal sound since 2010, I’d put Shadowflag up there as the guys who have mastered the rich and raspy sound of the genre and never been scared of experimenting as seen on previous albums.

“In Asylum Requiem” is a roller coaster thrill ride through the pristine production only a veteran band can offer. For those of us who dig bands who combine the best elements of old and new then look no further, as this record is highly reminiscent of raw UK sounds akin to Heathen Deity and the newer groups like Morte Lune.

Shadowflag is somewhat ambiguous to the casual listener and is the type who draw you into their melancholia from the moment you press play. That might sound like something off-putting, but it doesn’t mean they are a required taste – what makes this band stand up and out from the others in the UK scene is how they are so shrouded in mystery and darkness.

If you enjoy dark poeticism performed with all the right blast beats and blood-pumping guitar screeches, then look no further. Shadowflag is not an avant-garde act, but one who takes something of a postmodern approach to the genre and doesn’t fall into the “post back metal” area.

This is a perfect album for those who enjoy bands who, on the surface appear regular, but once you delve deep, you realise there’s more to this music than meets the eye.

Review by Demitri Levantis