The Rite – Liturgy of the Black

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label [URL] Iron Bonehead Productions
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Priest G – Drums – Guitars, Bass, Keys
Ustumallagam – Vocals
Gabriel – Guitars


1. The Initiation
2. The Black Effigy
3. Children of Belial
4. Necromancy
5. Famadihana
6. The Bornless On
7. Echoes of Past Lives
8. Sinister Minister
9. Trespassing the Chapel
10. Past Lives


Blackened Doom is a sub-genre this critic is not majorly interested in, mainly because doom metal has never rung well with my musical palate – however, fusions with better genres like black and death are exceptions. Though, that does not mean the music produced is always pristine and it was not the case with the debut from the international composed band: The Rite.

“Liturgy of the Black,” is not a failure and I can think of tons of metalheads and other critics who will laud it as a masterpiece, but I am sadly not one. It is a good record complete with all the right elements you’d expect from a band of this ilk, but this isn’t going to be a review full of high praise.

The Rite, whose line-up contains members from Denmark and Italy, are a group who do not outstay their welcome when it comes to composition. They deliver their songs in a style best described as Mercyful Fate teaming up with Cathedral and with elements of Bathory, Celtic Frost and early Darkthrone thrown into the mix. Quite a wide range of bands do spring to mind for the well-acquainted listener, so I’d give this album to anyone who wants a band who have done their homework.

Most tracks are performed at a relatively slow speed and gather tempo, though if you’re not someone who likes a trudging dirge to every track like me, beware as your brain might start to wander. Every song is a decent length but not the type for people with a low attention span like this reviewer.

Above average is how I would describe “Liturgy of the Black.” Put it on if you want something melancholic to see in the dusk after a long day.

Review by Demitri Levantis