DITZ – 5 Songs

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: https://www.ilovealcopop.co.uk
Released: 2020
Buy album: https://ditzband.bandcamp.com/album/5-songs-ep
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ditzband

Band line-up:

Cal Francis -Vocals
Anton Mocock -Guitar
Caleb Remnant -Bass
Sam -Drums
Jack Looker -Guitar


1. Seeking Arrangement
2. Gayboy
3. Total 90
4. Role Model
5. Fuck The Pain Away (Peaches Cover)


DITZ are a punk band from Brighton on Alcopop! Records, who will be releasing their new ‘5 Songs’ EP on 6th July, 2020. It will be the group’s first physical record and it includes the new single ‘Role Model’, three previously released singles and a cover of the Peaches hit ‘Fuck The Pain Away’. DITZ are known for their chaotic live performances that take influence from 80s hardcore punk and noise rock, making them different to other UK post-punk acts. 

For a punk band, DITZ use quite a lot of textures and dynamics. The drums can be light yet creepy and they can be furious and played at full volume. The percussionist isn’t bad either, as some of his fills are pretty tasty and his beats are creative. He’s no virtuoso, but he doesn’t need to be. This stuff isn’t advanced prog. The whole range of electric guitars are also used. You get eerie high pitched howls and pounding and fat power chord walls of sound. You also get some jarring staccato notes.

The rhythmic chants in the anti-homophobic song titled… ahem… ‘Gayboy’ are surprisingly catchy. They may be simple, but that’s often what punk is all about and more of that stuff would be greatly desired. Its chord progressions are also musical without leaving punk territory and turning into anything less than fun or aggressive.  The depressed talking in ‘Role Model’ is great at capturing a mood without being pretentious and the spooky clean guitar riff and the edgy fast hi-hats played at the same time create a sense of tension and misery. Excellent.

In conclusion, this stuff is a lot deeper than your typical punk album, but it is lacking in ultra-memorable hooks. It really wouldn’t matter if they simplified things, but they’re trying to be different and that’s fine. I’m sure there are just as many people who prefer this stuff over simple power chord based music as there are people who just want plain old fast paced fury. This album is worth checking out, but you may find your favourite parts of the release don’t last long. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann