Dysylumn – Occultation

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: SIGNAL REX
Released: 1 May 2020
Buy Album: http://dysylumn.bandcamp.com/album/occultation
Band Website: signalrex.bandcamp.com

Band line-up

Camille Olivier Faure-Brac – Drums
Sébastien Besson – Guitars, bass, vocals


1. Ouverture
2. Allégorie du Temps
3. Occultation
4. Anéchoïque
5. Psychose
6. Embrasement
7. Ouroboros
8. Décorporation


Another treasure to add to the French extreme metal essentials are two-man piece Dysylumn – Signal Rex are honoured to present the band’s second album, Occultation, on vinyl LP format. This release surely meets the requirements for a hallucinatory sensation as it creates the effect of hypnosis.

With a musical style dug from extreme metal’s timeless characteristics, this album truly represents the fortitude and gloom of the French black metal culture in this 51-minute production. The base of this release consists of dire atmospheres and haunting vocals. The most notable aspect of Occultation is the fierce and ominous sensation along with the ruthless drums. The experimentation and building up of tracks such as “Allégorie du temps” capture the amplified impressions from this album. While containing experimentation, an obvious structure can also observed from the release with a wide spectrum of extreme vocal styles and trance sensitivities.

This release is an enticing component of extreme metal – with dreamy atmospheres and rough bass structures. Each musician produces captivating instrumentals and a unique musical style. This is a rhythmic and sinister production perfect for the night wanders. Its release is surely a great addition to France’s extreme metal scene.

Review by

Ambra Chilenwa