Sodomisery – The Great Demise

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Testimony Records
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Here

Band lineup:
Harris Sopovic -Vocals/Lead Guitars
Viktor Eklund -Drums
Paul Viscolit -Bass
Magnus Grönberg -Guitars
1. Reapers Key (5:23)
2. Into The Cold (5:17)
3. Sacrifice (5:05)
4. The Messenger (4:53)
5. In the Void (5:14)
6. The Great Demise (6:14)
7. Until They Burn (5:53)
8. Arise (5:40)
9. The Abyss (1:13)
Sweden and Stockholm have a storied tale with metal music and Sodomisery are a more recent band to emerge from the scene. They had an EP released in 2017 with a different band entirely apart from the founder and leader of Sodomisery Harris Sopovic who has settled on a concrete lineup to create the band’s debut full release in ‘The Great Demise’. This nine track album looks to propel the band into the annals of Swedish metal history and show that extreme metal in Stockholm is very much alive and well. A grand task but one worthy of pursuing I think many fans of heavy music would agree with.

What instantly grabbed me was that this wasn’t the chainsaw grade metal that Stockholm is renowned for and that Sodomisery were a different beast entirely. There’s a distinctive sound which blends extreme melodies with furious death metal to create a massive barrage of music. There’s more hints of Dissection than Entombed throughout as Sodomisery keep to a more blackened Death form with tracks like ‘Into The Cold’ providing very fluid passages in amongst some assaulting blocks of rhythm. The next track ‘Sacrifice’ could fit into ‘Reinkaos’ quite nicely and it’s an absolute peach of a track.

It’s not all heavily complex as some riffs fall short and sound a bit close to more modern bands but as a whole I’d say Sodomisery are onto a winner here.  There are just some great tracks on this album. My favourite is probably the title track which uses such a simple but excellent opening melody which sets the song up beautifully. These are clearly some solid musicians who know how to use certain elements and styles to their best effect. Drummer Viktor Eklund puts in a blinder throughout this album. He just seems to hit every component at the right time without putting too much effort in overly techy fills or interludes. I’m not saying it’s simple but it’s damn near perfect for what the band needs.

I’m a fan of Harris Sopovic’s vocal style too as it’s something very Swedish but so are Sodomisery. They seem to have what it takes to keep Stockholm in the world’s thoughts when considering it as a home of extreme music. They are seemingly carrying on the memory of Dissection but whilst also doing it their own way. What is abundantly clear is that Harris Sopovic has settled on the right team of musicians to achieve what they have set out to do from the off. I hope that this lineup stays concrete as there’s potential for a lot more to come from this band. They have made a grand statement with ‘The Great Demise’, one that will echo loudly in the metal world. It’s certainly accessible but also very heavy and will be a refreshing piece of music to hear for those who come across it.

Review By: Pete Mutant