Akolyth – Akolyth

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Amor Fati Productions
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Sphere – All instruments, vocals and arrangements

  1. A Work Of Ages
  2. The Night, The Fog
  3. What Dwells Between Fractured Worlds
  4. To Become His Doorway
Mysterious with no known country of origin nor much promotion or fanfare other than what little detail Amor Fati Productions have released, Akolyth have released their self-titled and debut release. There’s only four tracks, yet each track surpasses nine minutes in length so we have a little under 37 minutes of music which shows from the offset that there’s going to be something quite standout from this band. There’s still not too much info to go on apart from the fact that all musical arrangements from the instruments to the vocals were conducted by one man called Sphere.One clue could be that this was recorded and produced in Opus Magnum Studios, Brussels; a studio renowned for serving Belgium’s bustling underground of music. Lots of questions emerge as you delve into the music. The origins of this music become something of a desire to be known due to the chaos that has been created. Fundamentally, we have a black metal album here. We have a black metal album that looks to stick to black metal’s fundamentals and, fundamentally, this is what a lot of black metal fans will be looking for. There’s no space for any weak sounding melodies or progressive switches, it’s all fire and madness.

From the start you get Sphere’s haunting screams over dissonant melodies that flow and change through several modes throughout the music. There’s a classic sound that Akolyth have went for, strong riffs, furious drums, dark melodies, even darker groove and some raw blunt force. Plenty in there to cause trauma to your average listener. For those of second wave black metal, Akolyth offer something immediately appealing since their brand of music is as dark and chaotic as you could ask for. The lowfi recording also hearkens back to the early 90s when the fires were really burning and this was the music that made people shit the bed.

None of the tracks seem drawn out or too long as what Aklyth does flows perfectly for the music. It’s hard to pick a favourite but the last track ‘To Become His Doorway’ is the one that catches my attention the most, has the best melody, the best drums and a solid vocal performance as well. Akolyth may have a bit of mystery here but they’ll soon make waves in the black metal world and we might find out more about them, who this Sphere bloke is and more about the band’s ethos and direction. They have made a statement and have set out on a primal course for supremacy with their debut release and there’s sure to be more from this mysterious band.

Review By:

Pete Mutant