Interview with Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Interview by Jessica Plumb

Firstly, thank you so much for this interview today and hope all is well especially with what’s going on at the moment with COVID-19.

Merry Meet!!!! I’m Sarah and I run Moonmaiden with my husband Michael!

How and when was ‘moon maiden” first created and when did you first get the idea to create the site?

We started in 2003 – it had been a lifelong dream for me, and it’s just got better and better!

Your clothing is made with such quality. Where do you source your fabric from?

Ooooh, that’s top secret – it’s a constant search for the right fabrics, from anywhere in the world – cos they have to be perfect! 😉

What’s your creative process from the start to finish when making them?

Well, one of us will come up with a design – or a customer will ask for a certain item – we’ll sketch it up, make the pattern, make the sample – then I get to try it on! Yay! It’s definitely a perk of the job – and hey spoofffeeeee, there you go! 😀

Were u always creative as a child and interested in making things?

I was a born designer, it’s in my blood – I live and breathe it. Michael was an accountant before this, but he’s adapted very well!

Have you always been into the dark/gothic scene? When did it first begin?

Yes! As soon as I was allowed to choose my own clothing; I absolutely loved Hammer Films, Munsters and Addams!

How do you get inspired to make your products and come up with new ideas?

Anything and everything. Books, films, dreams, games – I dream a lot about designs so you can tell it’s a real passion of mine.

With over 800k followers on Instagram, what makes you such a good promoter when selling your goods? How do you feel is the best way to advertise your brand?

We have a lot of followers on a lot of platforms; we love Insty – but my personal FB page is where I put my spooofiest stuff 😉 We don’t do much in the way of official advertising; we rely on the quality and word of mouth.

Is there anything new coming out soon? If so, can you tell us?

Ooooh, where to start! Constantly – new designs, new videos and a few songs to accompany them – some of our forthcoming newies? Shhhhhhh that’s secret too 😉 But there are too many to name,we have a list as long as a ghostly outstretched arm 😉 – it’s a lifestyle for us, we never stop 😀

With such an amazing range of gothic clothing, which one is your personal favourite?
Oooooooooooooh….. hmmmmmm…. that’s a tough one. All of them lol; but the newest ones are always my most precious! I’m totally in love with our Elvenwitch story at the moment, it is *gorgewah*

Using such professional photos, do you work with one photographer, or do you have a team?

Michael, my husband is the photographer, and I’m the model – and after working hard on the design side of things, it’s nice to have fun making art in a different medium.

What’s the gothic and alternative scene is like in Cornwall?

I couldn’t tell you – I haven’t left the house for three months lol! 😉 Luckily Moonmaiden has kept us very busy, and we’d like to thank all our customers for keeping us working hard, spooky and sane-ish 😉

What was it like winning the Alt fashion magazine – UK Designer Of The Year in 2009?

It was *fab-boo-luss!* We were very proud! 😀


Have you had any musicians, or alternative influencer buying your products?

Yes – and a few famous people do, but we don’t say who – then they keep coming back :p

What other things do you sell on your site, aside from the clothing?

Other than Moonmaiden clothing, there’s jewellery by My Beautiful Gothic made by the awesome Caroline. Everything on our site is handmade with love <3

Do you make everything by hand? And do you have any other hobbies when you aren’t working on your clothing range?

I’ve got loads, but time for none lol!
Our house is a bit of a gothic art studio, so I have plenty of fun with interior design. I love hiking on the moors too and visiting the graveyards, but that ain’t happening at the mo! We’re thinking of putting one up in our back garden; a graveyard that is, not a moor lol,  though that’d be nice too! 😀

Who would you love to calibrate with in the future, be it a model, musician, photographer?

Ville Valo if at all possible 😉 We listen to HIM pretty much every day, it’s very uplifting at the moment! And his new solo stuff is totally awesome, can’t wait for Gothica Fennica Volume II!

How do you choose the models to use in your Instagram for promotion?

It’s quite easy, seeing as it’s just me hehehe! We have lots of fun with our shoots, and of course, we keep it spooffffeeee! 😀

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Stay safe everyone, and stay spooky! Be who you are and don’t change for anyone; we’re only here once so we’d better enjoy it.

Spooky sparkles and love <3 xxxx