CENTINEX – Death In Pieces

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Agonia Records
Released: 29 May 2020
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CENTINEX – Death In Pieces. Artwork by Bahrull Marta.

Henka Andersson – vocals
Jorgen Kristensen – guitars
Martin Schulman – bass
Florian Rehn – drums

“Death In Pieces” was recorded by CENTINEX and Johan Hjelm at Wellbay Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Bjornstrom at Enhanced Audio Productions (Aeon, Bodyfarm, Meshuggah), while the artwork that graces the cover was created by Bahrull Marta.


1. Only Death Remains
2. Derelict Souls
3. God Ends Here
4. Tomb of the Dead
5. Human Torch
6. Pieces
7. Cauterized
8. Beyond the Dark
9. Sacrifice
10. Skin Turning Grey
11. Break You To Debris *

*CD exclusive track.


Since their long-awaited reunion six years ago, CENTRIX, Swedish Death metal juggernauts, are back in full force. They toured Europe and North America, showcasing their 2016 album “Doomsday Rituals”. Now “Death in Pieces”, their third post-reunion studio album, recalls a nostalgic time of riff-based death metal, a speciality of the Stockholm scene.

The band commented:

“We are very excited to finally have this new killer Centinex disc recorded and ready to be released! As some of you have noticed, due to various reasons the band has kept a bit of low profile during the last years, so now it feels great to be back on track with this intense slap of death metal brutality featuring a new hungry and dedicated line-up!”

What a record! True to their own description of being “riff-based death metal”, CENTINEX deliver some face-melting guitar melodies from the first track of this album to the last. “Human Torch” stands out with an intro riff which inspires frenetic moshing and a meaty, catchy breakdown. I was also surprised to hear the band divert into something a little more poetic and nuanced in their sixth track, “Pisces”, which is purely instrumental. It creates a perfect change of tempo in the record which otherwise is all brutal vocals and savage instrumentals. Not that that’s a bad thing of course. It’s a credit to the band’s ability to be versatile, something which is also reflected throughout the record. Each song definitely has a clear flavour and holds its place, which is down to the elegant melodies and some top vocals.

The last track, “Skin Turns Grey” I would equate to nothing less then a war march: it’s relentless and totally satisfying. If I had to nitpick it would have been a pleasure to hear another track of the same ilk as “Pisces”. The only reason I call for another instrumental was that “Prices” showcased what is clearly a formidable composing flare, and it would have been amazing to hear it brought once again to the forefront, for the second round of appreciation.

This album is brimming with some, powerful, death-metal riffs. They truly flex their musical capacity which showcases them as refined as well as brutal. Cohesive and vibrant, a great album overall.

Review by Annalisa Orlando

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