Interview with Hex Bomb

Interview with Maria – owner
Interview by Jessica Plumb

Hello! And thanks for your time. Let’s start with how and when was ‘Hex Bomb’ first created and when did you first get the idea to create them?

I had 1 week off at Xmas 2015, I have also owned a gothic clothing store with our tattoo studio since 2010. I wanted to create beauty products for the alt gothic subculture, so 1 week off, some brainstorming and Hexbomb was born! We released our 1st bomb Feb 2016, and the support grew very fast. By May, our black bath bomb went viral, and the site went crazy. 4 years later, we now have many products and ranges and sell around the globe.

Your bath bombs are made with such quality and are all vegan/cruelty-free; is this a subject that is important to you?

Yes! It’s really important that the products are fully cruelty-free and fully inclusive for everyone. Not only that, it’s important that we source our high-quality ingredients locally and support the economy, And also that we keep the nasty chemicals out. Everything is sourced in Ireland, UK and Eu and even our stickers are printed in Belfast.x

Where you always creative as a child and interested in making things?

I was interested in music and art as a child as I grew up in a metal musical family when I was a teen, I studied fashion design and film and am a fully trained body piercer.

Have you always been into the dark/gothic scene? When did it first begin?

Yes, I grew up in a metal family, watching horror movies every weekend from the age of 5😂 I started getting into the metal/ gothic music scene from around the age of 13. I went to my first festival then, and that was it. I always made my own clothing as we had no other choice, ha! Not much gothic clothing around our town and now mum knows “it’s not a phase!!

How do you get inspired to make your products and come up with new ideas?

Inspiration comes from my own life over the years, music, art, books, poetry, people, and myths. I live this lifestyle; it’s not a “just for money” product so I hope it comes across that we love what we do and put a lot of work into putting out amazing products that may inspire others too.

With over 125k followers on Instagram, what makes you such a good promoter when selling your goods? How do you feel is the best way to advertise your brand?

I don’t know exactly what makes me a good promoter, the ideas I have and items I release are based on my own personal taste, I don’t follow trends. I would say if you Love what you do, then it will be easy, always try to be original and stay true to yourself. Luckily there are a lot of Alternative likeminded individuals who love our style of items too:) also a lot of bath bomb lovers who don’t follow the gothic style who also love the products, as it is something different. The best advertisement you can have are your customers! They are writing honest reviews and posting pics of items they enjoy which we then repost.

Is there anything new coming out soon? If so, can you tell us?

We always have items In the works as it can take months to have all the paperwork ready and have the items released. Unfortunately with COVID, some things have been delayed due to services being closed, but we are looking forward to all new autumn items the most.

With such an amazing range of gothic bath bombs, which one is your personal favourite?

This is so hard, but I will go with my original baby “Bathory” released in early 2016 closely followed by “black as your soul” the 1st original black bath bomb.

Using such professional photos, do you work with one photographer, or do you have a team?

All photos on our page are from photographers around the world who are actually our customers. So they have all purchased the product, we haven’t hired them.

When we 1st opened with our own shoots a few years ago we used a local photographer and local models, we chose the themes and matched the bombs and feel this craze took off for dark bath shoots around the world. It’s amazing to see so many talented photographers using them.

It’s amazing your shop contributes towards a charity each year in June, and this year your chosen charity is ‘Black Lives Matter’, which is so important at this particular time. When did you first decide to support charities?

We have always supported charities close to our hearts for years. In Belfast each year our city celebrates “culture night” it’s actually a weekend celebration showcasing live music, arts, and events from all cultures around the world now living in Ireland so it is an amazing community event. A few past charities have been the ms society and pips suicide awareness.

Have you had any musicians, or alternative influencer buying your products?

Yes, we have had many since 2016, the bombs have been used in many model shoots, ads, and music videos. Also, live on stage in a water stunt on a tour with a famous UK dance group.

What other things do you sell on your site, aside from the gothic bath bombs?

We also sell gothic shower gels, soaps, face masks, perfumes, scrubs, and a range of gothic homeware and bathtime accessories.

Do you make everything yourself that is featured on your site, or do other businesses approach you?

All bath and beauty products on the site are designed and handmade by us, it takes many months in advance for the products to be licensed and chemist approved for sale, so we always have new items in the works

How do you choose the models to use in your Instagram for promotion?

We don’t. All the models/ photographers on our page have actually purchased the product and create beautiful Dark art with the bombs. We may now and again work with a few people per year who would like to try the bombs for shoots, but I don’t think promoting works well anymore on Instagram, it’s better to have your customers give honest opinions.

Is there anything you would like to mention?

We ship our products worldwide, but we also wholesale our products to alternative retailers and there stores the globe. A full list of retailers can be found on the site 🙂 x