Interview with Lilith Bathory

Interview by Jessica Plumb
Photography by Altercarnated Photography

Firstly, thank you so much for this interview today and hope all is well especially with what’s going on at the moment with COVID-19. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us how you got into modelling?

Ok hmm… I started modelling for fun at the age of 20 shortly after completing a makeup course. I was drawn to goth music, alternative lifestyle particularly vampires from a young age. My online following has grown massively over the years and I have collaborated with big brands such as alchemy gothic, punk rave and various corset designers. I was also recently featured in ‘Spiral Direct’ catalogue. I also plan to expand into more latex and fetish modelling.

Altercarnated Photography

What is the meaning behind your modelling name and what made you choose it?

If an ancient mythological creature was to come to life and live on earth as a vampire, I find the idea fascinating.

It’s fantastic what you have achieved so far in seven years, how do you prepare for a shoot?

In order to prepare for a shoot, I tend to wake up early so I don’t have to rush. I like to put on some of my favourite music, as I shower, do my hair and makeup and organise myself.

 When in front of the camera, what helps you create the poses? Is there anything, in particular, you think about or does it come naturally?

I have become more comfortable in front of the camera over time, if on the given day I am feeling low on energy or self doubtful, I like to imagine myself as an ancient vampire 😉

What’s you’re favourite makeup/brand you use for shoots and do you apply the makeup yourself?

I particularly like NYX cosmetics, and Kat Von D, though brands don’t matter to me as long as the makeup is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge even on hot, sunny days(ugh). I usually do my own makeup, I find it relaxing and it helps me feel my best once I have my face on.

How do you like to wind down after a shoot?

After a shoot, I like to enjoy a drink or two, and read a book or watch a good film.

Altercarnated Photography

What’s your favourite photoshoot to date and why?

I think my favourite shoot has to be with Catherine Beltramini and Altercarnated Photography last year, that she shot for her book. I love to work with photographers who are professional and have a unique vision.

Is there anyone you want to shoot with model or photograph and haven’t yet?

I have connected with several talented photographers and models thorough social media that I haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet! I am fascinated by the amount of great work from people all over the world.

Altercarnated Photography

Looking at your Instagram, you seem to prefer shooting yourself. Is there a reason for this & have you had any negative experiences with photographers?

Over time I’ve had some unpleasant experiences, mostly from strangers online who have used my photos without permission and claimed to be me. I tend to be very hesitant about what I put out online nowadays, though I like to take pictures of myself if I was feeling particularly good that day.

 Do you have anyone you admire or draw inspiration from when it comes to your image?

From a young age, I was attracted to vampires and I love the aesthetic of Victorian vampires, the long dresses, frilly sleeves, pale skin. Though I also adore Morticia Addams, and Vampira, and a number of other gothic icons. I try to incorporate various styles and elements for variety.

Altercarnated Photography

You said earlier that you want to expand into more latex/ fetish; do you have a favourite fetish/latex clothing companies and is there anyone you would like to model for and haven’t yet?

I do actually have a shoot planned with a latex designer coming up soon! I shall not reveal the details yet. unfortunately, it has been postponed due to the COVID-19 restrictions but it will go ahead later on this year.

With such a large following on Instagram, what do you think attracts people to your page and how do you feel is the best way to promote yourself?

I have been fortunate to gain the following that I have, though sometimes I question why so many people find me to be a subject of interest! I think a lot of it is due to the name and the overall image, but I try to interact with my followers and share a more personal side of myself that people can connect with.

What’s the London gothic model scene like in London and what made you move here from Ireland? 

I find the scene here is quite lively and diverse, there are so many events and clubs, so you are likely to find something of interest regardless of what you are into.

 What are your favourite bands you like to listen to and which ones first drew you to the gothic scene? 

I really love listening to bands like The sisters of mercy, Christian Death, The Wake, Inkubus Sukkubus, Clan of Xymox, Type O Negative, Rammstein. I also enjoy industrial music and metal. I mostly listen to music from the 80s/90s though I like to keep up to date on newer artists.

Altercarnated Photography

If someone wants to start alternative modelling, what advice would you give them? 

I think for anyone who is new, the best thing to do is find photographers whose work you like, and do several shoots to build up your confidence level. Also, social media is a great tool for self-promotion, along with sites like Purpleport/Model Mayhem.

Are there any other hobbies and interests you like doing? 

I love to travel and would like to more once the lockdown is lifted. I also would like to gain more experience in photography as I have always been interested in it.

Have you ever entered the AMOTY (Alternative Model Of The Year)? If yes, what was the experience like and if no, would you do so in the future? 

I haven’t thought about entering it yet, though who knows!

Is there anywhere you’d love to travel to do a model shoot or a photographer you’d like to work with in the future?

I would love to travel to Prague, Berlin, perhaps even Transylvania would be wonderful places for a shoot!

You mentioned earlier that you had opportunities to collaborate with big brands. Which one was your favourite collaborator?

Some of my favourite brands to collab with are Punk Rave, who make really high-quality gothic clothing, some of their designs look like they are straight out of ‘Interview with the Vampire’! Also Alchemy Gothic, they are based in the Uk and they’re always so friendly! They make stunning jewellery. Honour clothing are great for latex and fetish styles.

Altercarnated Photography

Do you have any exciting projects coming up after lockdown is over?

I have a couple actually! Several photographers and designers have reached out to me, and I am hoping it will go smoothly.

 Thank you for your time today Lilith!

Thank you for the opportunity!