The Riven – Windbreaker / Moving On

Rating: 3/5
Distribuotr/label URL: The Sign Records
Released: 2020
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Website: Bandcamp

Band Line Up:

Totta Ekebergh – Vocals
Arnau Diaz – Guitars
Max Ternebring – Bass
Jussi Kalla – Drums


01. Moving On
02. Windbreaker


Following on from their debut EP (Blackbird) in 2017 and their self-titled, first full length album in 2019, The Riven are clearly keen to keep the rock n roll train running with this vinyl 7″, two track EP featuring brand new songs.

Those looking for the full Riven experience may do better to seek out the releases mentioned above, but if you are looking for something to whet your appetite and introduce you to a band who can play a convincing brand of galloping blues rock, then this may well be worth your attention.

Clearly influenced by the whisky-soaked, denim clad sounds of the seventies, it would be too easy to write The Riven off as just another female fronted, stoner blues band in what has become a rather overcrowded scene. However, that wouldn’t give nearly enough credit to the energy and enthusiasm the band have captured on this disc.

The two songs on offer are essentially cut from the same cloth and the pair of them are over and done with in less than eight minutes, but there is an undeniable conviction here that raises the bar and invites a repeat listen.

Moving On has been made available for digital streaming and is the more bombastic of the two songs. It has all the swagger of a classic rock anthem and will no doubt have you name checking common influences from the all the old favorites – Thin Lizzy, check. Heart, check. The Riven wear their affections on their sleeve, but they keep it on the right side of fun.

Windbreaker is an accelerated pile-drive through classic Deep Purple territory. Totta Ekebergh’s vocals soar above the chugging boogie while the guitars harmonise and the band drives this side of the EP with a bit more tempo.

The overall picture is of a band who are probably best served on a tight stage in a packed, sweaty venue. The Riven sound like the soundtrack to an excellent night out where the bar is well stocked and the curfew is a loose one.

The vinyl format will appeal to fans of the era from which these songs are influenced – and it’s worth mentioning that this release has been pressed to a very collectible 500 copies.

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Review By Beandog