Toxic Tito – Bestia

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2020
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Luis Accorsi- Guitars/Vocals

01. Flip Side 2:47
02. Whoopee 2:52
03. Got to move on 3:21
04. The Big’ne 3:19
05. Trapped in an Alleyway 3:31
06. Disintoxication 3:04
07. Jolene 3:16
08. Pustule 2:55
09. Summer-s Coming 3:19
10. Blasty 4:11
11. Flux Machine 2:29
Luis Accorsi has lived quite the life it seems. From claims of having formed the first ever punk band in Venezuela (Janz Kappela) to his long term residence and role in the music and art scene of New York, Luis Accorsi has been a productive force for the last 40 years or so. I don’t think anyone could doubt that and he’s still churning them out, even in lockdown.

Let’s put that into perspective, this is an album that has a home within this pandemic which is still ongoing as this review is being written. We’re in fucking lockdown and this situation has probably thwarted most of the music industry but it serves as the right time for Luis Accorsi to get out his electric kazoo for some quarantine boogaloo. He’s also trying a more metal orientated sound with this latest project called Toxic Tito and their first release in ‘Bestia’. A nice and chaotic time to try something different and more chaotic in itself.

The metal sound doesn’t really come out until track four ‘The Big’ne’ as the early portion of the album has a decent dose of streetwise punk. The album as a whole is more of a mix of these aesthetics rather being lop sided one way or the other. The most metal part would have to be the lead guitar though the drums can get a bit blasty whilst being a little hamstrung by the mix, so it doesn’t override everything else. Luis Accorsi even gives the art of growling a whirl during ‘Pustule’ and it sounds pretty decent. He’s a seasoned pro after all.

Don’t forget that this album has a special place during this crazy situation we all find ourselves in. This is as fresh as they come in terms of dealing with current events recorded, produced and ready to be released to the world. It’s an insight into how one man is thinking whilst the world is in the grips of this virus and I love some of what they come up with. Take this line from the track ‘Blasty’: “Lucifer is fine working from home”. Just fantastic if you ask me and just the kind of humour that we need to help get us through this.

I wish I could have found more details of the other contributors as they seem quite adept musically and have helped pull off an album of intrigue for me. It’s not something I’d listen to on repeat but I appreciate many aspects of this and it has turned me onto a rather interesting character so this review has served me well already and I hope it serves Toxic Tito as well. They’re not extraordinary but they’re churning out really relevant tunes at an extraordinary time so give it a ‘Blasty’ and you might find something to salvage your summer.

Review By Pete Mutant