Guerrilla Ghost – We Get What We Deserve

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label Triple Eye Industries
Released: 2020
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Band line-up

Tron Jovi – All Instruments & Vocals
Bad Graphics Ghost – All Instruments & Vocals


1. The Seventh Level
2. Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man
3. Onlyfans
4. Best Friends Forever
5. Another Sad Love Song
6. FA 612
7. In Memory Of (feat. Armstrong Ransome)
8. The Immigrant Song
9. Algorithm Nation 1814 (feat. Kool Keith)
10. Traffick Jam (feat. Rec Riddles)
11. An Inconvenient Song
12. If It Don’t Make Dollars It Don’t Mike Pence
13. Wesley Snipes in Jungle Fever
14. Sympathy for the Devil
15. Thanks for Coming Out (feat. Taiyamo Denku, Katana da Don & Carnage The Executioner)


I should begin this review by stating that I am no fan of Hip-Hop music or its related genres, however, as a journalist and researcher I am open to listening and understanding said artforms. Though this is important for I may have undervalued this piece due to my personal preferences. With that said, let’s check out the latest release from Guerrilla Ghost: “We Get What We Deserve.”

Guerrilla Ghost have spent their career fusing rap with other genres that follow the punk or industrial vein. Here, we have them using the darker sides of electronic and politically charged music to reflect the current social and political status of their homeland.

This duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin have taken their angriest and most passionate opinions and set them to music you can both listen and dance to. “We Get What We Deserve” was completed and released during the Covid-19 lockdown, so we have changes in everyday life as a big theme on this album.

The influence of the internet on all aspects of human life is rapped about on: “Algorithm Nation;” people turning to sex work to make ends meet: “Onlyfans;” and the violent tensions between races across America: “The Immigrant Song.”

It features several collaborations such as Kool Keith and Armstrong Ransome – two artists I am sadly unfamiliar with but if they pique your interests, check it out. Guerrilla Ghost has made an impressive Industrial/Noise fusion Hip Hop record, though I will score this more on its themes and messages rather than musicianship.

I will, however, give them the benefit of the doubt as there are things I might have missed about this release, and if you are a fan and think you can write a better review: by all means do. “We Get What We Deserve” is the rap album to have if you want the 2020 zeitgeist in your music collection.

Review by Demitri Levantis