Hail Spirit Noir – Eden in Reverse

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label Agonia Records
Released: 2020
Buy Album http://agoniarecords.com/hsn
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Hail-Spirit-Noir-260062670728238

Band line-up:

Haris – synths
Theoharis – guitars, vocals
J. Demian – bass, acoustic guitars
Sakis Bandis – synths
Cons Marg – vocals
Foivos Chatzis – drums


1. Darwinian Beasts
2. Incense Swirls
3. Alien Lip Reading
4. Crossroads
5. The Devil’s Blind Spot
6. The First Ape on New Earth
7. Automata 1980
8. Incense Swirls (Synthwave Remix)
9. Ever-shifting Tunnels (Bonus)


Hail Spirit Noir are one of Greece’s most intriguing metal bands, their sound has ranged from black metal to progressive and psychedelic rock and into the realms of experimentation numerous times. The band have now returned with their fourth album: “Eden in Reverse,” which, from the title alone, says the group are not easy listening by any means.

In their press release, Hail Spirit Noir says the album is the story of Eden written from the perspective of atheists like Richard Dawkins and Darwin and delivered in a surreal manner, driven by 80s electronic and psychedelic rock. For this critic, that was more than enough of a selling point as I love 80s music and discussing philosophy and religion at a surreal level, and the music of this album is most fitting of that label.

If I were to sum up “Eden in Reverse,” in one line it would be a juxtaposition of happy and relaxed moods with vicious and angry audios. Hail Spirit Noir have left in plenty of black metal style riffs and drums with plenty of psychedelia to keep fans of Nachtmystium or Amiensus happy.

There are synthesisers and keys which add a strong 80s style to the depth and catchiness of every track, so give this album a try if you really dig the Synthwave movement that’s taking the world by storm as we speak. Having added three of their live musicians into the line-up, Hail Spirit Noir have broadened their versatility as musicians.

If collaborations pique your interests, then look no further for the group have employed Borknagar’s vocalist: Lars Nedland as a guest singer on “Crossroads.” I think the band were using as many of their connections in the metal world to create something unique among all the releases this year.

In all, this is one of the most unique albums I’ve heard in 2020 and would give it to anyone who likes their metal on the experimental and surreal side. For any kids who really dig a retro sound in their music, put Eden in Reverse into your collection.

Review by Demitri Levantis