UK’s UNDERKING Release A New Single & Lyric Video For “The Throne”

Forming in 2019 and starting as the solo endeavour of Maxwell Jeffries (previously of Rage Cave), the project soon began to broaden in scope. After enlisting the vocal talents of Dustin Burmeister – the Nottingham/Arizona based Underking began recording their debut project.


Digital Single:
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With ‘Ghosts of the Past’ focusing on a classic heavy metal, Black Sabbath/Judas Priest influenced sound (sung by Maxwell Jeffries) and ‘Amongst the Dead’ drawing inspiration from groups such as Kvelertak, Megadeth and Pantera (sung by Dustin Burmeister) – the full force of Underking‘s influences is present in their diverse sound with songs ranging from NWOBHM riff-fests to hardcore inspired sledgehammers. Also featured on the project is the producing talents of both Adam Buckley and Andrew Thompson, with Harvey Magher of Rainless contributing two guest guitar solos to the tracks ‘Lost Souls’ and ‘Deadman’.

June of 2020 will see Max release single: ‘The Throne’ – an unapologetic nod to his heroes with a riff-laden, NWOBHM inspired sound and tight, catchy hooks – written and recorded entirely by himself! The track again sees the producing talents of Adam Buckley come into play.

Whilst unannounced to the general public, ‘The Mask’ releases in late July seeing Max take a more doom influenced approach with some of his best vocals put to tape and an incendiary thrash section!