Ironstone – Prophecy

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: self-released
Released: May 2020
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Band Line-up:

Dan Charlton-Lead Vocals
Edward Warren-Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aidan Kalms-Rhythm Guitar
Oliver Hosking-Bass Guitar
Jackson Whyte-Drums, Vocals


1. Downpour 4:40
2. Bound 4:44

3. Better Unseen 3:09
4. Killed A Man 4:24
5. Hollow 4:29
6. Origin 5:04





If Periphery and Dream Theatre had a child then Ironstone could very well be the result. This new progressive technical metal group from Australia bring chugging djent guitar playing and those wacky off beat time signatures with a little synth in the mix.

A relatively new band coming onto the scene in 2018 they bring out their first EP Prophecy. 6 chugging tech-death songs and a little bit of sitar to add some flair. The young lads create a high energy taste of their abilities with their self-released EP. The main vocals are a little shrill at times but not bad and they harmonize well with the other band members who lend their pipes to the mix. The lead guitar dominates with its chugging djent riffs. There’s some lovely clean melodic playing which again is reminiscent of Periphery and Between the Buried and Me.

The first song Better Unseen kicks off the album with fast-paced chugging djent riffs. The song has great breakdowns and sections with catchy hooks. You get a good idea what these guys are about. They truly put their all into each song. The production, mixing and mastering is clean. Though this music is definitely for me like boy bands of metal. The clean vocals from Dan Charlton are poppy. Makes me think of pop-punk bands like Good Charlotte and Blink 182. Though it’s nothing new in this genre. I used to listen to a lot of Periphery. Hollow puts me in mind of Periphery’s “Jetpacks was yes!” There is a solemn mood in the song. The next track “Killed a Man” starts with an electronic and synth introduction that builds with guitar riffs. The song makes me think of a modern metal version of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The theme and lyrics being about a guy who killed a man. He deals with the moral dilemma of his actions and worries of the consequences of them. Every track is smooth and full of energy. The djent riffs can drown the bass out at times but they really meld together if anything.

So all in all it’s a solid outing for Ironstone though nothing very new when it comes to this genre. I hear a lot of musical influences from that scene and they wrote solid material of their own. Even as an EP it gives plenty to listen to and nothing is boring or monotonous. Very strong musicianship and all parts work well together. Harmonizing vocals make it a little poppy at times so if you do not want overly aggressive metal then you will find this balance to your liking. I tend to enjoy much more aggressive and darker music personally. I am sure this is a taste of bigger things to come as they work on a full-length album. Most memorable tracks are “Better Unseen”, “Hollow” and “Killed a Man”. So I give Ironstone’s Prophecy a 3.5. Give it a look for yourself.

Reviewed by Cathrine Wendt