Disavowed – Revocation of the Fallen

Rating: 3/5
Distribution / Label: Brutal Mind
Released: July 2020
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Band Website: Disavowed Facebook

Band Line Up:

Vocals – Robbe K
Guitar – Gerben
Guitar – Daniel
Bass – Nils
Drums – Septimu


1 – The Process of Comprehension
2 – The Enlightened One
3 – Revocation of the Fallen
4 – Imposed Afterlife
5 – Deformed Construct
6 – Therapeutic Dissonance
7 – Defractured in Contemplation
8 – Egocentric Entity
9 – The Inevitable Outcome
10 – Facing the Singularity


Dutch band Disavowed’s record label Brutal Mind from Jakarta in Indonesia definitely has a penchant for the more slam side of death metal and although they aren’t just a straight-up slam band, Disavowed aren’t afraid to bludgeon the listener like any of their lyrical victims.

Album opener “The Process of Comprehension“ sets a great tone of a furious start, showing there can be technicality in genres such as slam metal and it’s not all just playing as fast as possible, and then as slow as they can in a usual very predictable beatdown/breakdown spot in the song, thankfully they steer clear of that predictability adeptly. The lead track they unleashed to the world “The Enlightened One” follows up, with its urgent blast beats that somehow seem to be at the forefront of the track without being overpowering and losing any other instrument in the process.

The pace switches up, or be it down a notch for “Revocation Of The Fallen”. A slow dirge that envelops into all-out chaos in glorious fashion. At moments, the drumming seems so furious that it almost derails, but finishing the track shows that this was meant as an added flair. Speaking of flair, the bass work during this track is a standout. Steve Di Giorgio fans I feel would approve without dipping too far into a progressive field that could muddy their approach to their sound.

The production on “Revocation Of The Fallen” is crystal and can’t be faulted in its design to bring clarity to a genre based in part to the “walls of sound” dynamic. Although lyrics aren’t a gift we are given to hear clearly, there isn’t a complaint in any other production respect.

Review By:

Andrew Shirley