Walpurgia – Altar of the Goatbaphomet

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Helter Skelter Records
Released: 30th June 2020
Buy Album: https://helterskelterproductions.bandcamp.com/album/altar-of-the-goatbaphomet
Band Website:

Band line-up:

Sadistic Necrofagos – Bass
Porphyrion – Guitars
Nyogtha Zalon Nazaron – Vocals


1. Altar of the Goatbaphomet
2. Anomalistic Orgies of the Mephistopheles
3. Sadistic Recrucifixion
4. Rites of the Black Mass
5. Desecration Ritual


Greek black metal band Walpurgia are set to release their first production, “Altar of the Goatbaphomet”, a 2020 demo that incorporates harshness and horror – from guttural screams to putrid riffs. Formed in 2019, the power-trio innovates a collection of underground trances in their productions. This band very much sits on the same table as Archgoat and Wargoat, with its animalistic drive. With artwork usually associated with (war) blackened death metal, it further adds the primitive drumming and malicious guitar rhythms.

A rapid, lo-fi and dense recording introduces the demo corresponding with precise tremolo picking and snaring blast beats. A blend of tempos can also be noticed throughout the demo disregarding any use of melody and light-heartedness. The roughness of an album is surely a preference of mine, which this band has clearly achieved in their production.

This is a great sounding release, which I definitely predict will experience many sold-out releases. This was overall an incredible demonstration of blackened death metal.

This is recommendable to anyone on the destructive end of the metal spectrum.

Review by Ambra Chilenwa