NIGHT “Here On My Own” video

NIGHT release video for “Here On My Own“ single. New album ‘High Tides – Distant Skies’ out September 11, 2020

Swedish rockers in Night have released their new single “Here On My Own”. This classic-sounding Night track is the second single from the band’s upcoming album ‘High Tides – Distant Skies’, to be released on The Sign Records September 11, 2020 on vinyl, CD and digital format.

Check out the video for ”Here On My Own”:

Night is back with a new release, “High Tides – Distant Skies”, the fourth album from the band. The album will be released September 11 and clearly demonstrates Night’s new take on classic-sounding rock. On the 9 new tracks, you’ll hear big choruses, vocal harmonies and a more-is-more approach to songwriting – all of this clearly demonstrated on the band’s previous single “Under the Moonlight Sky”, released together with a music video April 24, 2020.

The second single from Nights’ upcoming album is called “Here On My Own” and will be out on all digital platforms on June 26. “Here On My Own” is a classic sounding Night track that could very well be from the band’s beloved and critically acclaimed album “Raft of the World” (2017). The track has that proto-metal approach that got Night to be compared to Scorpions ‘76 or BÖC. A strong chorus and an accessible melody make this a track that really showcases the wide and timeless approach that the band holds.

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Oskar Andersson – Guitar / Vocals
Sammy Ouirra – Guitar / Vocals
Joseph Max – Bass
Linus Fritzson- Drums

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Watch the music video for the previous single “Under the Moonlight Sky”

Night will tour Europe this autumn with former label mates in Hällas:

10-September-2020 FR Paris La Maroquinerie
12-September-2020 FR Lyon Rock It Love
13-September-2020 GER Stuttgart Club Zentral
15-September-2020 GER Munich Strom
16-September-2020 GER Nuremberg Der Cult
17-September-2020 GER Leipzig UT Connewitz
18-September-2020 AT Vienna Arena
19-September-2020 BE Aarschot De Klinke
20-September-2020 GER Hannover Chez Heinz
21-September-2020 GER Wiesbaden Kesselhaus
22-September-2020 GER Cologne Volta
23-September-2020 NL Amsterdam Melkweg Upstairs
24-September-2020 NL Tilburg Hall Of Fame
25-September-2020 CZ Prague Strahov 007
26-September-2020 GER Berlin Musik & FriedenMore on Night Below!

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Night should be spelled ‘R.O.C.K.’, The Swedish band that started out as a Judas Priest and Saxon worshipping band with their first release in 2012 has now transformed into a timeless and classic rock act with loads of proto-metal influences. Hailed for their wide influences and direct approach the band finds themselves taking new paths in a musical landscape that is well known for all fans of guitar-based music.

“Rock is a serious thing, but at the same time, it cant be taken to serious. Rocking is fun and fun it shall remain. For us, I think the future is looking bright and it’s feeling groovy. Put on your boots and get ready for the next chapter of NIGHT! Imagine a twilight zone where disco didn’t die and rock music was allowed inside studio 54!” – Sammy Ouirra

It’s easy to grow fond of Night. It’s easy to say that their influences today could be found in history with artists as Phil Lynott, Mark Knopfler, or Scorpions ’76, or Blue Öyster Cult around ’77. But it’s so much more. With their last album ‘Raft of the World’ (2017 The Sign Records) the band got hails from most part of the rock scene. The dark album moved the band several steps away from the NWOBHM background and towards a proto-metal atmosphere of the ’70s.

Night keeps moving and during the spring of 2020 the band is releasing a two-track 7” called ’Feeling it Everywhere’. The directions of the new tracks take the band even more into the rhythm and style where the ’70s collided with the ’80s. Where Rock music meets up with Disco. It was a golden age for music, and the go-to period for many bands to find their influences. The recording was done as an in-studio live session to keep the feeling of live music.

Night is preparing to release their new album set for release in autumn 2020. The band is once again taking help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Dead Lord, Imperial State Electric) that the band started to work with on ’Raft of the World’. The new album is recorded in their hometown Linköping, Sweden. Night recorded their self-titled debut album that was released in 2013 and their second album ’Soldiers of Time’ was released in 2015. In 2019 the band released ’Raft of the World’ in Brasil through Hellion Records.

Night has proven to be a live act to count on all around Europe. From touring with a variety of bands such as bigger names like Ghost to more established underground acts like Dead Lord and Angel witch. The band has been able to maintain a steady reputation and managed to spread their rock all over, from the Greek Gods of Athens, the Catalans of Barcelona to the Vikings of Norway.