Louise Lemón – Devil

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Icons Creating Evil Art
Released: 2020


Band line-up:

Louise Lemón – All


1. Devil (3:54)
2. Forever Alone (3:12)
3. Taurus Woman (2:52)
3. Bathe in Gold (2:15)
4. All My Tears (2:48)

Louise Lemón embraces a raw and intimate sound in her new EP ‘Devil’, which is co-produced by Anders Ludwigsson (who also plays keyboards in Louise’s backing band).

‘I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way we did the last album’

Louise comments,

‘It was a very positive experience’.

The Death Gospel Queen‘s desire to continuously explore new directions and feelings led her to look inwards on ‘Devil’, so as to capture With ‘Devil’ she’s been able to look inwards, to as to capture the essence of her own self. To keep the process organic and free from distraction, the EP was recorded at the band’s own rehearsal space.


“Making this EP I wanted to do it in an honest way and really make it a natural process. After making my last record, which was very ‘produced’, I wanted to head to the studio and record it straight as it sounds. I wanted to capture the live sound and I wanted to get the grittiness on tape. It is really interesting, when creating you ignite your brain. So, when recording my last album, I already started to make the EP. Like a closure and beginning at once.”

Self-doubt, loneliness, and real love are explored on Louise Lemón‘s spiritual journey through the making of this EP. Her lyrics are contemplative, and reflect on her stubbornness, as well as her open heart that leads her to pain through her self-sacrifice. The soundscapes of her new songs offer insight and truth about love and loss, and the unlikely victories that are realised through hindsight.


“Always listen to that gut instinct. You can’t expect love from someone who can’t love themselves. I just wanted to grind it out with my band. I’m always looking for this one sound. It’s like anxiety and freedom in one kind of sound. I’ve been talking to them about this sound since I started playing with them and in the guitar solo on thistitle track we found it, ten years in the making.”

Louise headed out on a European tour with Sólstafir (IS) to support ‘A Broken Heart is an Open Heart’. She had several performances at Eurosonic ESNS (NL), as well as a praised gig at Roadburn Festival (NL), and her Scandinavian tour was topped by a successful performance at Lisebergstage in Gothenburg. After Louise did her first headline tour in Spain (including radio and TV performances in Barcelona and Madrid), she was ready to start her ‘Devil Tour’. This would have begun at the end of May in Germany, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 regulations, the tour will be postponed to a later date.


Multiple country editions of Metal Hammer have included major pieces on Louise Lemón in their features, even extending an invitation to their prestigious ‘Golden Gods’ awards. As Louise has been embraced by the rock and metal world, though, they haven’t been the only ones to notice. She has been featured and reviewed in other outlets of the world’s press, such as Powerplay, Revolver Magazine, Zero ToleranceClose UpSonic Seducer, Orkus, Gaffa and many more..


Louise Lemón‘s new EP ‘Devil’ lets you swim in a sea of a modern sound full of lush reverb, emotional vulnerability, and classic dark blues roots that are supported by her dreamy and soulful voice. The title track, ‘Devil’, kicks off the EP and I’m immediately taken away by the sweeping instrumentation and her sultry singing, smooth like smoky honey. What makes it better is the gorgeous tone of her belt, and fullness of vibrato. As the ambience of the keyboards fills out the track, a subdued yet moving bass line contrasts the lightness of Louise’s delivery, providing a soundscape reminiscent off Americana elements, joined with a gothic gospel style.

The lyrics on the EP are reflective, introspective, and honest. Louise bares her soul in ‘Forever Alone’, soaring over this personal and painful ballad. Elements of R&B can be heard in the influence throughout, reminding me of a gothic Jesse Ware. ‘Taurus Woman’ follows the sentiment, Lemon unafraid to release her heartache, made strong by her artistic expression.

For a sweeter change, she croons in ‘Bathe in Gold’, a slow ballad describing the indulgence and bliss of true love. The combination between the dreamy instruments and her romantic lyrics lends to the heavenly feeling of being with the person you love most. Her own personal openness to the deep experience of her emotions is demonstrated through the EP, ‘Bathe in Gold’ taking its place as the respite from hurt and loneliness. She shows the bright side of the inexplicable balance between the light and the dark, the love and the loss.

Finishing ‘Devil’ is my personal favourite, ‘All My Tears’. A grooving baseline keeps the heartbeat of the song, as her voice, calm and pensive, lays melodies through the beat. As the song builds, Louise’s vocals explode, and we can feel her heart pining; she has given it everything she has, her mind and soul on the line, her tears flushing out.


‘Devil’ is a raw and unapologetic release from the talented Louise Lemón. This is an EP I suggest checking out, whether you’re seeking an oasis for your melancholy soul, or simply want to hear some beautiful songwriting.


Watch the video for ‘Devil’ HERE:

Review by Kat Knite