Mercic – Interview with Carlos Maldito

Interview by Kieron Hayes

Interview with Carlos Maldito (only official member, writer and producer)

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Hey and thank you for your time. Please state your name and position in the band.

Carlos Maldito (only permanent member, writer and producer).

1. So, according to the biography, Mercic is basically a one man project, live shows aside. What are some of the pros and cons of this?

There`s always pros and cons that`s for sure. I`m a kind of person that when I start to work on something it goes fast and develops itself almost automatically, I prefer to capture a feeling instead of planning every detail too much and turning the process long. I don`t know how to explain it but when I start the writing process it´s like it´s all already done in my head so it´s just a matter of following the ideas and change them into sounds and words.

I was in other bands for 13 years so I know exactly how it is to work with other people that want to do something different than you and try different things for the same idea and I must admit it does not work for me nowadays. So basically the pro is the fact that I do my path in the directions I want and when I want and it´s absolute freedom, the con is that if I’m all alone everything will turn against me if the band, shows or the records sucks, but I’m very okay with that.

2. Is the solo project approach something you’d like to maintain going forward, or do you hope to expand with other long-term members?

To be very honest with you this is the only way I want to go with music, so it`s to be maintained…. guys for a live band, but in the studio I’m not seeing anybody with me writing. I want to continue with my friend César Palma doing some stuff on guitars, playing live, etc, but no one else. I do enjoy and love studio contributions of other musicians like all MERCIC albums have, but not somebody interfering directly on the writing process. MERCIC is so personal in lyrics and sounds that I guess I became very protective and selfish about it. It`s my way to escape from my routine, so being so personal it`s the only way to remain so truthful for me.

3. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

First of all very pure and open! It combines several styles of music together under the industrial umbrella, it´s the mix of everything I like without any afraid of combining it all. I love “Depeche Mode” and I love “Six feet Under” so for me it´s very regular to mix grind vocals with some melodic keyboards for example…it´s a combination of pure feelings.

4. Your new album, 6, sounds like it mixes quite a range of different influences. Can you name any artists or releases you feel were particular inspirations?

It’s always been like that….like other musicians I have several inspirations but I’m a guy that still has that “loyal fan way of thinking”, that follows “my” bands forever and BUYS their albums. So I can say the ones I’m a fan of and every time a new record comes I BUY it in that same day: Bizarra Locomotiva (best Portuguese band ever), Depeche Mode, Six Feet Under, Slipknot, Radiohead, Sepultura, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, NIN, Lord Of The Lost, Prodigy, Emika, Korn…as you can see, very different styles.

5. The bio also mentions Mercic acting as “an escape” from your other bands. Which bands are these?


6. Originally Mercic focused solely on studio productions. What prompted the shift to add live performances and touring?

Since the creation of MERCIC, till 2019 I was always involved in making new records or live activity so had no time for other things in MERCIC. And to be honest I just wanted it to be kind of a sound diary where I would dump my pain to feel better without any other plans, but it always got great reviews and some attention of underground press even without any kind of promotion, so in 2019 I decided it was time to really appreciate my own project and dedicate it time properly, and live shows were a temptation of course, it´s the purest way to promote us.

7. Is there a message or theme behind 6?

The message is very clear, we are changing as society and not exactly getting smarter… today if something is a new event on internet, it’s truth and is taken for granted…let´s be honest we are like sheep nowadays, we follow fashion items, we use them just because everybody uses it, people don’t even think about whether they really like it or not… and with this new thing about Covid 19….we really have to think if things are really like that or we are being conducted to follow a new way of living and being completely blind…so the message is: just open your minds, and before you follow some behaviour just really try to see more than what the TV gives you… one extreme is leading to another, and extremes are not solutions. I don`t want to say Covid 19 is a lie, but for example you see the massive information about it every day, right?! But did you ever see that same massive “propaganda” about the tons of people that die by starvation every day?? No…

8. Do you have a favourite track from the album?

I thought I had but like the previous albums they keep changing. I’m very proud of this album in its entire length.

9. What is the procedure of producing a new release? Do you have a set way of doing things?

This album was not going to happen in the first place: we played live for the first time in 2019 and we had more shows to play but with the Covid, you know… it all stopped so this new record just happened. I dive very deeply into something I start to do and when it starts to run, it runs faster and faster till it gets completed. Basically I finish a new album and just send it to some contacts I have and put it on digital stores and that`s it, then new people appear from nothing and start to follow the project…

Life teaches you that no matter how much you follow the same daily and routine path, the sky that accompanies you never has the same clouds, so life changes even if you are always doing the same, so let´s see what happens with this new one.

10. Is it difficult balancing out being in a band with a ‘normal working life’, or other projects?

In the past I was constantly working on our home studio, playing live and rehearsing coupled with the fact of always drinking with the guys, so it was hard, but now it’s all changed. All MERCIC activity is very well planned, rehearsals are very focused and not very long to use all concentration and not fall into distractions, so there´s plenty of time to family activity and normal working life, very balanced and calm.

11. Do you think it’s important for a band to be signed to a label to be recognised in today’s society?

Each day it’s less important in the underground, I think. I think a band that gives great shows gets more and more publicity and doesn’t need a label to put some flyers out to promote the album and sell it on the stores. Bands now can sell their albums on their online stores directly, book their tours and don`t need labels to borrow the money to hit the studio and then pay back on tours because nowadays every band has some members that know how to record and with home studios, so…I don´t think it`s relevant anymore….of course when you have a big label it all changes, your name is everywhere but also you become a slave to them… just my opinion.

12. What genres of music do you like to listen to personally? Any new bands that have caught your attention recently?

All the ones I answered on question 4. Nothing new to be honest, each time I listen to more sounds from the 70`s and 80`s, amazing times. They captivate me more than the new way of doing music.

13. What advice would you give someone wanting to start a band?

Everything you do, do pure and 101% according to your taste. Don´t follow the stupid saying of ‘we have to sound like this or that’…don`t be a copy of a copy….that´s why the old music is still relevant today, it came with heart, made by free souls and without boundaries.

14. What do you like to do outside of music? Any hobbies?

The recent locked weeks just showed that to fill my life I just need my direct family, music and some true friends. So my hobby is to be happy with all of them around me, just that!

15. Thank you for your time, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Thank you very much, and for the readers just give it a try and listen MERCIC and be happy.