The Glorious Dead – Into Lifeless Shrines 

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Bindrune Recordings
Released: 2020
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Band line-up

T.J. Humlinski – Bass
Marty Rytkonen – Guitars
Chris Fulton – Drums
Chris Boris – Bass


1. Solium Mortis (Intro)
2. Vitreous Hemmorhage
3. The Noise of Gravediggers
4. Cranial Festering
5. Tenebris Arca
6. Putrefactive Adoration
7. Reunite in Grotesque
8. Celebrate the Corpse
9. Into Lifeless Shrines
10. Leave it with the Worms
11. The Ruin of Flesh
12. Exordium of Decay


The Glorious Dead is a band founded by Marty Rytkonen and TJ Humlinski having previously released a 3-song demo, The Burdensome Ceremony of Internment. After going through multiple lineup changes and a hiatus, the band was completed by four people who share the same talent and intent to manifest deep riffs.

Sharing the stage with Nile and Terrorizer in Michigan, among other shows, their upcoming 12-track release contains tracks ranging from uplifting heaviness, to a more slow crawl; the music of The Glorious Dead is focused on memorable riffs lurking at its core. There’s a diversity that finds influence in the 80s thrash metal scene.

The Glorious Dead are a no-nonsense death metal band; productions made by death metal devotees, for death metal fans. The tracks introduce themselves well, and the rest follows. The riffs are solid, with the timeless American texture. The bass guitar holds the production together and the drumming keeps its effectiveness. The vocals are low and classical, in the low pitched guturall style.

This production is original and the musicians seem to have brought along with them the best elements of death metal with variety. The vocals on this album are insanely inhuman. The music is raw, brutal and dense including tracks such as “Celebrate the Corpse”. I would recommend this release to those looking to explore more of the death metal bands the United States has to offer. This production contained countless tracks that stood out and very harsh vocals.

Review by Ambra Chilenwa