Enshadowed – Stare Into the Abyss

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Odium Records
Released: June 30th, 2020
Buy Album: http://www.odiumrex.com/
Band Website: http://www.enshadowedofficial.bandcamp.com

Band line-up:

Serpent – Vocals
Necro – Guitars
Golgotha – Bass


1. An Aspect Of Chaos
2. The Great Animist
3. Beyond The Knowledge Of Truth
4. Blackened Mouth Of Despair
5. Divide You Fall
6. A Form Of Agony
7. Entropy Of Men


Returning with their 4th full-length release, Enshadowed is releasing “Stare into the Abyss”. An obvious correlation can be seen between Enshadowed and Burial Hordes, who coincidentally happen to share the same nationalities. When analysing the complexity of the tracks, slow rhythms are heard over harsh blast beats, along with repetitive drum beats – timeless, dark black metal.

Greece has produced many notable Hellenic musical groups of such high quality. Plentiful force and spirit are supplied through memorable riffs with excellent vocals and fetching pieces. I must remind you again that the drumming is so astonishing, it puts a charm on you. The guitars are corresponding with other instruments while producing melodies and timeless influences. The production is introduced with precise tremolo picking and raw recordings.

A personal favourite was “Blackened Mouth of Despair”, with its sudden changes and compelling recording. On these productions, a very melodic and traditional style of Hellenic black metal is played. Personally, I feel this is an excellent release from the group, especially as a fan of raw, aggressive music.

The tracks also contained subtle melodic riffs in various parts. Overall, Enshadowed, are definitely the artists worth your time as they are unique and classical. The album is enriched with precision and talent, along with elements that add to the sinister texture. The entire production contains grim pieces and classic black metal characteristics.

Mark this release on your calendar!

Review by Ambra Chilenwa