EGO KILL TALENT to perform first ever live stream on YouTube – watch now!

With audiences in the four corners of the globe, Ego Kill Talent needed to postpone their world tour due to the current global situation and now calls upon the virtual format. But the group is not saving any bit of energy on a show on their Youtube channel!

Streaming from Family Mob studios, in São Paulo, the 5 piece perform a setlist featuring music from their first album, Ego Kill Talent (2017), as well as from their latest release, The Dance (2020). The band announced the show dates following the timezone of 6 different cities: Brasília (5PM), Los Angeles (1PM), New York (4PM), London (9PM), Amsterdam and Berlin (10PM).

Click here to follow the channel and view the stream now:

“It’s the first time we’re doing a live stream and we’re very excited to see how the experience will turn out”, says Theo van der Loo (guitar, bass), one of the members of Ego Kill Talent along with Jonathan Dörr (vocals)Jean Dolabella (drums, guitar)Raphael Miranda (drums, bass) and Niper Boaventura (guitar, bass).

In the Rock genre it’s an even bigger challenge to transpose the onstage performances to the video streaming platform, but the band chose to accept it, since the hunger to perform and to, somehow, be close to the audience speaks louder.

“It’s a challenge but it’s inevitable because we don’t know how long this pandemic will last. And man, if you’re in a band, you want to play!” Theo states. “Family Mob is where we wrote the majority of our songs. It’s like our home: where we hang out, write songs, cook together, have a beer and it’s also where we recorded our first album”.

Besides the show, the band will do a virtual studio tour.

Ego Kill Talent likes to think about the possibilities provided by technology beyond a common place. For example, in June the band extended the narrative of their latest video, “The Call”, in two spin-offs that can be accessed through QR codes hidden in the video (watch here).