3xperimental –Symphony of Elements

Rating: 4.5 /5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://3xperimental.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/3xperimentalofficial/

Band Line-up:

Jean-Baptiste Vincent and guests


1. Essentia Existentiae 01:14
2. Earth 08:08
3. Water 08:00
4. Wind 07:33
5. Fire 07:39
6. At the End of the World 04:36
7. Visions 02:13


3xperimental is a Berlin-based solo black metal artist by the name of Jean-Baptiste Vincent. JB Vincent with guests Nilda for the choir on “Essentia Existentiae” and “At The End Of The World”. The female vocals on “At The End Of The World” are performed by Kyba, and the additional vocals on “Water” are from a humpback whale. In his second self released album Symphony of Elements, we get a diverse set of tracks ranging from black metal to doom, atmospheric, symphonic, and progressive metal.

I really found this album intriguing. Symphony of Elements is a perfect description given the names of the tracks and the atmosphere they each provide. I really enjoy the concept behind this album. It’s not a very new concept but it definitely offers a different theme for Black Metal which tends to focus on anti-Christian and satanic themes. This album is an immersive experience that one can find themselves lost in. The focus is on the elemental tracks while the opening and closing tracks provide some context.

The guest vocals are beautiful and JBs vocals are at times bleak, icy, and tortured. He is able to offer compelling songwriting and performances on this release. His instrumental compositions are fluid and evoke just as powerful emotion. They do well to convey the elements. With songs like “Water” and “Air,” there’s a lighter symphonic and atmospheric feel. Beautiful piano flourishes and choral vocals give chilling but beautiful touches that play with the black metal growls and screams. “Earth” and “Fire” are darker and heavier. The percussion and riffs hit heavier.

This album was not boring or disappointing. It offers something a bit more avant-garde and for the band’s name 3xperimental that is what one should expect. Do not come looking for anything traditional. It’s a passionate project composed and produced by one man. He knows what he wants to express and does so very well. I give 3xperimetal”s Symphony of Elements a 4.5 out of 5. The last track “Visions” was the weakest but everything else provided an innovative and stand out album for this year. I look forward to seeing more from this artist.

Review by Cathrine Wendt