Fermentor – Continuance

Rating : 3/5
Distribution / Label: Bandcamp
Released: August 2020
Buy The Album: Fermentor Bandcamp
Website: Fermentor Website

Band Line Up:

Adam Wollach – Guitar
Dylan Marks – Drums


1. The Stench
2. Thunderboss
3. Mechanism
4. The Decay of Western Society
5. Seventh Circle
6. Landbridge
7. Cotterpin
8. Stage V
9. Cut N Shut
10. Project Zeus


After releasing a succession of demos and two ep’s, the two-piece instrumental Death Metal band Fermentor is about to release their debut full-length album, “Continuance”. Niche as it may be to not have a vocalist or bass player, they are able to still have an edge that is worth looking into.

The record’s opener “The Stench” feels a bit repetitive and not enough of a stand out for a band that doesn’t have the aforementioned parts. It doesn’t quite hit the mark to be memorable as it’s follow up of the recently released track, “Thunderboss”. This track packs more of a punch and doesn’t feel bereft of anything and feels like a better example of their style. The whole track feels much tighter, straightforward, and punishing. The riffing is superb and was a great choice to help showcase the band’s talents. Another stand out track would have to be “Landbridge.” Excellent mosh pit educing rhythms, plenty of switches of pace, and crazy breaks that keep it exciting.

Fermentor has chops and both Adam Wollach on Guitar and Dylan Marks on drums have enough talent to be able to shred their given instrument without over-doing it or becoming boring. With over a decade of working together, it shows that they know when and how to let the other work their magic without it becoming cluttered or messy.

Musical talent can sometimes be hidden behind vocals, but where Fermentor lacks them, it’s so much easier to see the intricacies of every shredded riff and drum pounding drum beat. The band uses the peaks and troughs of song structures well and would be a great band for anyone to listen to.

Review by Andrew Shirley