Kairon; IRSE! – Polysomn

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Svart Records
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Kairon; IRSE

Band line-up:

Johannes Kohal – drums
Lasse Luhta – guitar, bass, synthesiser
Dmitry Melet – bass, vocals
Niko Lehdontie – guitar


1. Psionic Static (6:28)
2. Retrograde (5:43)
3. Welcome Blue Valkyrie (6:40)
4. An Bat None (6:04)
5. Mir Inoi (5:06)
6. Altaãr Descends (6:41)
7. Hypnogram (6:06)
8 White Flies (3:52)
9. Polysomn (2:25)


‘Polysomn’, the third album from Kairon; IRSE! is set to drop on September 11, 2020, from Svart Records. A prominent band in the vibrant and busy psychedelic scene in Finland, Kairon; IRSE! are more than ready to drop this bomb of unique and modern psychedelia on both their long awaiting fans and unsuspecting bystanders alike. The question is: are you ready to travel through the space-time continuum via the astral-magic that is ‘Polysomn’?


Formed in 2009, Kairon; IRSE! have defied standards and fused genres in ways that have made them impossible to classify, and brought on widespread critical acclaim. Described by The Wire as a “viperous cocktail of space rock, Greg Lake era King Crimson and free jazz”, they crash into the new decade with ‘Polysomn’, taking music fans into a new dimension with “glitching, elated sounds”, soaring and simultaneously grounded within their stormy and sublime atmosphere. 


To say that this release is an impressive display of new age psychedelia would be an understatement. As the album begins with ‘Psionic Static’, I’m drawn in by the potential it holds to explode into just about anything. As the bass flows beneath synths and drums, and the tempo speeds up, the song really kicks in with all its glorious power. These musicians definitely know how to start an album and push the envelope without wasting any time. 


In amongst airy vocals, moody chord progressions, and decadent dreamscapes, I see myself floating in a sea of deep and vibrant purples and greens. The technological ultraviolet energy within songs like ‘Retrograde’ and ‘Altaãr Descends’ embody largely the essence of ‘Polysomn’  in my personal opinion. These are perfect soundtracks for exploring a planet unknown, the alien-like toxicity rising from the ground and encircling me as I roam this unfamiliar and uncharted territory.


Together with the noise and intensity most of the tracks bring, one must also appreciate the melodic and moody moments, sometimes reminiscent of the works of Radiohead. The range of feel displays itself naturally in songs like ‘Welcome Blue Valkyrie’, ‘An Bat None’, and my personal favourite, ‘Mir Inoi’, wistful and rainy as the soul of a late September evening. 

A work of art, a technological envelope-pusher, and an ultimate exploration of the universe surrounding, ‘Polysomn’ would be hard not to recommend to every fan of modern psychedelia. It should be expected that Kairon; IRSE! will continue to win audiences through the captivating music they produce for years to come.