Tired Radio – Patterns

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label URL: http://engineerrecordsusa.com/
Released: 2020
Buy Album [URL]: https://www.facebook.com/tiredradiomusic/app/204974879526524/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/tiredradiomusic/

Band Line-Up:

Anthony Truzzolino – Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Daly – Drums


Intro (Hurt Less)
Making Plans
Send For A Hospital
Mostly Downs
Five Day Bender
Stay Home


A second offering from the Brooklyn based Anthony Truzzolino, following up on 2017’s ‘Dead & Gone’.  Something of a solo project with some help from a few friends, including Kevin Daly on drums. ‘Patterns’ is a punky, indie, miserable offering that is about as welcome as a wet August Bank Holiday. The promo included his video ‘Let Me Down’ from that first album, which revealed a lot about the issues this person has, and why I was never going to be impressed. The ‘Joy Division’ T-shirt was a warning.

Imagine ‘My Chemical Romance’ on a bad day but without the talent, that is Tired Radio. Thankfully, it is a short album, 7 full tracks, and a short intro, full of self-pity, depression, hopelessness and completely fitting into the year that is 2020. Truzzolino states this is an ‘upbeat banger’ about letting go of the past and moving towards a brighter future, in which case he needs to raise the bar, maybe have a ‘happy meal’. Even the promo is lack-luster and the biog is uninformative.

Making a start with the ‘Intro (Hurt Less)’, possibly the best of the tracks, it is nothing like any of the others, an acoustic strum along, folksy without being too old school, and more up-tempo. It in no way prepares the listener for what is to come, being different in genre, vocal style, everything except the morbid lyrics, and just over a minute long. Track two is more indie-rock, musically it sounds like so many indie-rock songs that have gone before, nothing extraordinary, the vocals suggest someone who needs to quit smoking as if recorded while suffering laryngitis. ‘Making Plans’ is downbeat, not angry enough to be called punk, it just washes over you like a miserable Monday before payday, and while it’s subject is about something positive, the positivity isn’t there yet.

‘Send For A Hospital’ is a suicidal cry for help, no holds barred, bleak and raw, if it was sung better, it might have the impact that was desired, but sadly it misses its mark. Another short song, ‘Mostly Downs’ stays on the same vein as the previous track, an attempt at a melody lifts this one though, and makes it more listenable. Even shorter, ‘Over’ is a distorted dirge, with mediocre guitars and a lack of the dramatic.

Already bored with the way this is going, ‘Five Day Bender’ does nothing to improve my opinion, heading towards pop-punk in style, but the vocals really let it down again. Gravel in a vocal can be cool, but this is beyond gravel, and it swamps any passion or emotion from the youth gone wild message. The title suggests a song that should be an anthem for 2020, ‘Stay Home’ but with no hook, it fails to ignite any interest. It plods along and is immediately forgotten once over. Last of all is ‘Gouge’, which starts with an atmospheric intro, that builds nicely on a musical level, the guitars are delicate, the drum pattern imaginative, and then the vocals come in halfway through and the images it creates from the descriptions in the lyrics, are grotesque and depressive, spoiling what could have been an interesting final track.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is ‘don’t take life for granted, grab every moment and live for today’, this album is the opposite of that, wallowing in misery, sucking the life out of the listener and joyless. It is very ordinary, nothing special, nothing stands out or is memorable, and it doesn’t grab our attention.

On a serious note though, listening to the tracks here, if you find yourself relating to this, finding a connection in the lyrics, then seek help, for this is the album of the troubled mind and suicidal thought, and there is help out there, don’t let this music bring you down and make things worse. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, it just might be very faint, until you start to head towards it.

Review By Lisa Nash