POLYMOON – Caterpillars of Creation

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Svart Records
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Kalle-Erik Kosonen – Vocals, Synthesizer
Jesse Jaksola – Guitar
Otto Kontio – Guitar
Juuso Valli – Bass
Tuomas Heikura – Drums


1. Silver mt. (6:55)
2. Lazaward (8:40)
3. Malamalama (5:38)
4. Helicaling (6:25)
5. Neitherworld (8:59)
6. Metempsychosis (5:31)


On September 4, 2020, embrace the early beginnings of autumn by diving into an all-encompassing pool of perfectly chilled water with the modern and deeply imaginative debut release ‘Caterpillars of Creation’ from Finnish progressive-psychedelic band POLYMOON. A heavy and atmoshperic sound layered with noise and fuzz joined by unfaltering and grooving drum patterns that come together with spacey and distant vocals to create a unique world within the massive wave of this album. POLYMOON embrace their individuality and nonconformity to bring us this genre-bending, mind-altering, and perception-shattering welcome into their vision and world.




Between the pulsating bass-lines, rolling synthesisers, powerful fuzz guitars and complex drum sequences, it’s easy to get lost as they bring the galaxy to life in your ears like “sonic reflections in the night sky”. The band’s producer, Jun-His (also known as the voice of Oranssi Pazuzu) comments:

“Polymoon are the new open-minded young mages of the explosive psychedelia rock scene that Finland and Tampere area has been producing over the recent years. The rich and colorful sound of the band delivers really fresh and beautiful ideas to the table. And they are being served with such a passion that it makes you think of the days when music was standing out for a revolution. And not in that nostalgic manner, but in a way that makes you experience something important is happening right here and now.”

As I moved through ‘Caterpillars of Creation’ several times over, I began to develop an understanding of its melancholy yet profoundly invigorating intent. Moody and extended in parts, the songs lend themselves to prolonged afternoons exploring a forest shrouded in mystery, whilst the heavier and euphoric moments allow us to transition into an evening fit for green and purple flowing lights, conversations with good friends, and discovery of the soul through the intense feeling of grounding such moments tend to bring.

While ‘Malamalama’ is the heavy and atmospheric core of this album, with its uplifting cadences and synthesisers that exist beyond this earth, ‘Helicaling’ follows with a punch and progression reflective of how it may feel to travel through the vastness, the quiet, the chaos, the violence, and the very essence of space. POLYMOON have a beautiful way of combining bright and current movements in their music with dark and introspective psychedelia. The result is an otherworldly explosion that can only possibly come from the truest parts of someone’s creative space.

Treat yourself to the wonderfully strange and elusive aura of POLYMOON and their sophisticated debut album ‘Caterpillars of Creation’ upon its release, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

See the official visualiser for Malamalama HERE: