Lucy Burns (the new non-metal project of Rasta vocalist of the polish death metal band Decapitated) welcomes you on board the first ride through the band’s world. “Ocooltica” the band’s debut single has been released Friday 7th August .  

The project has been brought to life by the joint venture of two long established musicians: “Rasta” – frontman of the death metal band Decapitated and “Mr. G ” – creator of electronic music.
The beginnings of the group date back to 2019, although its members had already met many times in the studio, working on various projects in the field of heavier sounds.

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns is a musical hybrid, an experimental journey combining many different musical genres. The latest single combines hip-hop rhythms with a large dose of electronic sounds and dark melodies.
-I wanted to create something different from the sounds that accompany me, explains “Rasta”  – This project is a lot of fun for me, because I have a chance to experiment with my best friend over a variety of sounds. The idea was total creative freedom. We do what we want, the way we want, and we don’t limit ourselves to any drawing, scheming.

Lucy Burns

About the track OCOOLTICA
The track was produced by Jarosław Baran, a respected music producer, known for his collaboration with some of the top Polish artists, or metal legends : Paradise Lost and Fear Factory.
According to the idea of experimenting and playing with form, in the musical layer, “Ocooltica” is a resultant of dirty electronic sounds, hip hop and melodic, rock hit mixed with tribal sounds.   

Video for the song is a visual tale of the power of music. The clip was made by members of Lucy Burns and their friends. The montage was done by Dariusz Mandes, the man responsible for the images of Polish film productions. As the band announced themselves, the next curtains will be an escalation of a crazy journey in search of ever different sounds.

You can now enjoy our debut track Occultica at:

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming album and the next single!

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Lucy Burns
Lucy Burns