NekroKraft – Release second of two digital singles ‘Return of the Kvlt’ – Listen Here!

Swedish black metallers Nekrokraft have re-recorded two pieces of music from their 2018 EP Witches Funeral.  The songs will be released through The Sign Records as two separate digital singles. On June 5, “Witches Funeral” will see the dawn of day, followed by the crushingly heavy “Return of the Kvlt” out on August 21.


Nekrokraft thrives on delivering the darkest emotions through melodic blackened metal.   This ungodly quintet dawned in Linköping, Sweden in 2012.  The band has an underground foundation that meets with the modern take on extreme metal, a unique modern vintage sound crafted with riffs, atmosphere, and melodies. Their lyrics revolve around occultism and folklore, borrowing inspiration from timeworn mythologies fighting to stay remembered.  The concept behind the name “ Nekrokraft ” is a blend between the Swedish words “ death/dying ” and “ power ” merged together.

In 2016, Nekrokraft was signed to The Sign Records’ roster and released their first mini album, Will o’ Wisp, later the same year.  The troupe’s first full length, Servants, as well as a remaster of the earlier Witches Funeral compilation were issued in the fresh days of spring 2018.  With appearances on major festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival and Gefle Metal Festival and two European tours so far, the thirst for turmoil remains unquenchable.

Nekrokraft’s performance manifests through potent vocals and charismatic stage presence, blended with unrelentless aggression and powerful melodies; it’s a punch to the face and a headbanging feast.  Vocalist Angst Norder has also been recruited by Swedish blackened thrash metal legends Witchery.

Something old was evoked in the late nights of December 2019, brewed in the attempt to summon a decrepit past.  Nekrokraft re-recorded two pieces of music from the Witches Funeral EP while working on their second full-length album (set to be taped in 2020). Combined with a revamped lineup, the forthcoming era seems prosperous for the blackened concoction that is Nekrokraft serves up.

“We’re all about witches brew, the fucking woods and thrashing through the boundaries of hell.” — Nekrokraft 

Listen to new track ‘Return of the Kvlt’ here –

  • Reaper — guitar
  • Moloch — drums
  • Angst Norder — vocals
  • Iron — bass
  • NekroDOC — guitar