THEOTOXIN – Fragment : Erhabenheit

Rating: 4/5
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Band Line-up:

Ragnar -Vocals
Flo “Plaguebringer” Musil -Drums
Fabian Rauter -Guitars
Martin Frick -Guitars
Joachim Tischler -Bas

Tracklisting :

1. Golden Tomb 6:22
2. Obscure Divinations 5:54
3. Prayer 7:58
4. Through Hundreds of Years 7:32
5. Philosopher 4:17
6. Two Ancient Spirits 5:42
7. Sanatory Silence 6:48






If you are looking to start your autumn with some brutal black metal then give THEOTOXIN a listen. Coming from Vienna Austria they deliver an album of fierce aggressive black metal with Fragment : Erhabenheit. With seasoned musicians from Zombie Inc, and Anomalie & Selbstentleibung this line up crafts an album of esoteric and atmospheric insanity. While they have a strong definitive black metal sound there’s also some elements of death or one could say blackened death metal as well.

The album starts off strong with Golden Tomb. The vocal styles in this song are diverse. From the black metal screams one would expect to low pitched death metal growls. There’s also in the last 3rd of the song more clean shouted vocals. There is a very primitive and ritualistic emotion behind the vocals. The song starts off fierce and fast. There are only small melodic and atmospheric breaks but they help give the song movements and keep it from becoming a monotonous wall of sound. The next song Obscure Divinations is even more relentless. The intensity grows and from beginning to end you will have all the brutal blast beats, aggressive vocals and tremolo guitar riffs you could ever desire. But fear not the mix is well done and nothing gets buried. While many songs are intense from beginning to end there is plenty of balance between vocals and instruments. Sanatory Silence is the slower track that will offer a small amount of respite from the torrent of brutality and aggression. Through the Hundreds of Years is full of utter depravity. Even the spoken word sections are quite menacing. Ragnar has an excellent range and can switch between shrill screams to guttural growls with ease. He knows what he is doing and creates a vocal tapestry rich in layers of brutality, desperation, aggression and insanity.

Their 3rd album has 7 tracks with an average playtime of 4-7 minutes. Some songs do tend to be a bit lengthy and monotonous at times and it’s definitely an assault on my sense of hearing. The band does not lack intensity at all. They set out to deliver fans of black metal something that many can enjoy. The diversity in styles from a classic Dark Funeral inspired style to some blackened death metal like Behemoth make it an interesting and well polished beast of an album. The production and mastering are clean. This is definitely one of the best black metal albums I have listened to this year. I highly recommend you listen to Fragment : Erhabenheit by THEOTOXIN. Once live gigs are allowed also check them out live. I hear their live shows are very intense and quite enjoyable. I give them a 4 out of 5 rating. They do nothing new or ground breaking in black metal and some songs did drag on a little for me at times but overall it’s a solid and intense ride beginning to end.

Review by Cathrine Wendt