Ottone Pesante – Doomood

Rating: 4/5
Distributor: Aural Music
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Francesco Bucci – Trombone, Tuba
Paolo Raineri – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Beppe Mondini – Drums


1. Intro the Chasm
2. Distress
3. Tentacles
4. Coiling of The Tubas
5. Serpentine Serpentone
6. Ocean on a Eco
7. Grave
8. Strombacea
9. Endless Spiral Helix
10. End Will Come When Will Ring the Black Bells


In this new album titled “DoomooD”, the music slows down and becomes heavier and more obscure, touching unexplored territories and experimentation… a palindrome trip into the abyss of the soul in a hostile, asphyxiating, distressing environment.

The band comments:

“The parasite inside us proceeds slowly, inexorable, unstoppable; it can change skin or face, it can deceive us to stop for a moment, but it will continue unabated in a dark, devastating spiral, annihilating us. The entire album was composed in a palindrome manner, like there’s a mirror on the pentagram at about half of it, that overturn the composed sequences. The climax is a ‘reverse canon superimposed’ and from which the main voice comes down in a reverse motion, sometimes strictly, sometimes changing rhythm or changing role from trumpet to trombone. Brass and drums are, as usual, the only sound source. All noises and concrete sounds come from them”.

If this is your first time within the realm of Brass Metal, then Ottone Pesante is the right place to start. Throughout this album, there are noticeable elements of doom/stoner metal through its slow tempo and drudgey sounds but also orchestral with the brass sections of the album.

From Intro The Chasm, you are immediately thrown into the foray of that is Brass Metal and start to develop a sense of where this album is going to follow. This is carried throughout in Distress where you see the brass sections and metal elements meld together.

Tentacles feature welcoming vocals from Sara which help create this scene of being wrapped up in the tentacles of brass metal. I’m not sure if this is symbolic of anything, but it was what I could imagine at the time during this song.

Later in the album, I noticed a change in direction during Serpentine Serpentone which had a faster tempo and felt a bit disjointed in terms of off-beats and instruments operating at different tones in the song, but this was all to its advantage and everything was pieced together perfectly. This was the song where I wasn’t expecting screamo-like vocals. However, it added to the ambiance of the song.

These different elements being conjured together in a strange cocktail of experimentation plays to its strength and provides an unexpecting but interesting listening experience.

Once the uncertainty in the world currently has settled, seeing Ottone Pesante perform this album would be a great and unforgettable experience, and has opened my eyes to this new world of Brass MetalDoomooD will be released on September 18th, 2020 via Aural Music.

Review by Rossy Maguire