Rating: 4/5
Released: 2020
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Band Line-up:

Oscar -Bass
Rod -Guitar
Santi -Guitar
Jordi -Vocals
Roman –Drums


01. Cult of Supreme Blasphemy
02. Dragged by the Cross
03. Scapulars of Human Decay


Slit Your Gods are an international line-up from Spain who are new to the death metal scene. With their debut EP “DOGMATIC CONVICTIONS OF HUMAN DECREPITUDE” they promise to deliver a brutal blasphemous torrent of anti-religious Death Metal tracks. From their bio, I expected something like black metal but do not be mistaken this is not at all black metal. They are definitely inspired by brutal death metal acts of yonder such as Cannibal Corpse, Gorgasm, and (old) Cryptopsy.

Does their EP deliver this promise? I can assure you, the answer is a resounding yes. When you want something heavy, brutal, and blasphemous then these 3 tracks should sate your thirst for face-melting brutality right off the bat. The vocals are monstrous and relentless. There are some interesting vocal and vox effects used as well as pipe organ synths in the opening track Cult of Supreme Blasphemy. It starts like an anti-religious hymn that erupts into a violent and frenetic cacophony. It is not likely to discern most words being growled, squealed, and grunted though that’s usually what you can expect with death metal.

The next track opens with someone speaking in I can assume Spanish and the sound of something being dropped or knocked over. Then it’s pretty much a solid barrage of brutal death metal. The riffs chug along and the blasts are fast and relentless. The snares interchange between riding with the blasts and playing offbeats.

The final track includes a spoken introduction where you can hear religious chanting and something like metallic clanging and the scraping of restraints against stone. This is to sound like someone is being held captive in the cloister of a church and a priest declares him a sinner and will administer punishment. After the onslaught of drums, guitars, and vicious vocals it ends with the priest declaring the prisoner and his family guilty of heresy and that their sins will be cleansed with blood and a woman cries out no.

So there is a simple and to the point narrative and story being told with the tracks. The band makes it clear that they firmly stand against the past and present crimes against humanity committed by Christian religious leaders. The songs do not drag on and it’s a small taste of perhaps something bigger in the works for the future. The story is not new especially in the metal world but its one that resonates with many fans of extreme metal genres.

Production-wise it’s quite clean and a well-polished machine of brutality. I am sure they will be well received and get the crowds thrashing once live gigs resume. I will give this EP a 4/5. I definitely see a lot of potential for their future albums and I can always enjoy a good dose of blasphemy. Be sure to check them out when their EP releases September 11th and read the interview with the band in our chin wags features.

Review by Cathrine Wendt