Milk White Throat – Hierarchy (EP)

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Tom (guitars)
Guillaume (drums)
Brian (bass/vocals)


1. Closed Eyes
2. Sleepless
3. Hierarchy


Milk White Throat are a three-piece alternative progressive rock band, based in Brighton who released their latest EP ‘Hierarchy’ on 18th September. It was produced across two of their hometown’s most popular studios by Mark Roberts (Black Peaks, Toska) and features three distinct tracks. MWT have been compared to acts such as Thrice and the musicians are content blending together a mix of genres. Since starting out as a thrash/death metal band in the 2000s the group have evolved greatly whilst keeping their exciting sound.

There are some reasonably clear Deftones influences in the vocals, which is kind of interesting as it’s not every day you hear progressive music so emotional. You couldn’t really compare the instrumentation of Def to the band, though, especially during the former’s later period. Whilst MWT is modern in style, certainly don’t expect 8 string guitar riffing that is repetitive and crushing. The riffs ARE powerful here in a hard rock sense, they just don’t dominate the whole sound. Each musician is treated with almost equal importance. Sure the bass playing isn’t flashy, but that only contributes to the more up-to-date, not-TOO-serious style. 

Sure there are plenty of newer bands that ARE super-complex in all areas, but MWT’s bassist is more concerned with the bigger picture and how the band sounds as a whole. The vast majority of the time, super-intricate low end parts simply aren’t needed. When you combine the varying levels of complexity, you get something deep without being pretentious. The overall mood even has a bit of a sentimental pop punk vibe at times. (Think Bodyjar). Proggy Bodyjar (in a way) is certainly an interesting concept and it definitely works. The odd Coheed and Cambria style guitar fill sneaks in too. 

In conclusion, this is very well written stuff with some interesting quirks but still, don’t expect the reinvention of the wheel. Taproot are another band who like to compose prog with a lot of feeling in the vocals, but MWT still have their own sound. This stuff is recommended for fans of numerous genres including alternative metal and hard rock, but if you like prog that is absolutely mental, it may not be for you. (Unless you have at least some times where you want to chill out a little, relatively speaking). 

Review by Simon Wiedemann