The Myopia Condition – Event Horizon

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2020 
Band Website: FacebookInstagram – Youtube


Josh Gould –Guitars/Vocals
David Luchenski –Lead Guitars
Rob Fearey –Bass Guitar/Vocals
Josiah Dyck –Lead Vocals
Greg Glenn –Drums

Live band line-up:

Josh Gould –Guitars/Vocals
Craig MacKenzie –Guitars
Rob Fearey –Bass Guitar/Vocals
Josiah Dyck –Lead Vocals
Greg Glenn –Drums


1. Event Horizon (1:01)
2. Separation From Classification (4:49)
3. Brainwashed (3:08)
4. AfterLife (2:57)
5. Walk Me Home (2:45)
6. Song 9000 (3:28)
7. Empty Room (2:50)
8. Rotting Soul (3:05)
9. Fighting Fables (4:26)


Hailing from Red Deer, Alberta, comes the five-piece DjentCore Metal band The Myopia Condition, with their debut album Event Horizon. These guys are bursting onto the scene packed with rhythmic chaos and heaviness, their technical riffage and captivating breakdowns a perfect blend for fans of bands like Periphery, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Oh Sleeper, Death, Gojira, Beyond Creation, As I Lay Dying, etc.

The band has made appearances at festivals such as Armstrong Metalfest and Loud as Hell, and they even made their way to the Canadian Wacken Metal battle finals in 2018, proving how hard-working and passionate they are about their music.


Event Horizon is a nine-song project that focuses on themes like the questioning of existence, the darkness we face, the loathing one may feel towards themselves, and how we perceive life itself, followed by our inevitable demise into the shadow-realms of the afterlife. Each individual member’s talent shines throughout the layout and construction of the record, heavy riffs layered with some gloriously nasty lead guitar lines, while the drums and the bass hold down a flawless execution of rhythm madness. With Josiah Dyck at the forefront, we can hear a master of switching between his terrorising growl and startling scream. I can’t help but wonder what the live execution of such beastly vocals would sound like.

While some songs, like ‘Brainwashed’, incorporate elements of 2000’s/2010’s metal/screamo, others like ‘AfterLife’ & ‘Empty Room’ holistically blend aspects of doom and sludge in with the bands signature djent sound. Interesting switch-ups, intense chord progressions, and undeniably dope breakdowns lend to a pretty solid soundscape to be layered with disturbingly soaring, melodic leads, and occasional strings. That said, I personally find the relentless heaviness of the songs a bit repetitive at times.

The finale track ‘Fighting Fables’ features some clean vocal harmonies over the screams, and high vocalisations near the end bring the dynamic atmosphere I would have liked to hear more through the record. In my opinion, some more breaks in the chaotic energy would have allowed for space, as certain notes needed to breathe and be sustained in. However, regardless of my preferences, I think these guys absolutely nailed their sound. The Myopia Condition showcase some serious skill and killer musicianship with their debut release. Watch out for their release this fall and prepare to get shaken!

Review by Kat  Knite