Adamantis – Far Flung Realm

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2020
Band Websites: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram
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Band line-up:

Jeff Stark – Vocals
Jeff Taft – Guitars
Jvier Estrada – Guitars
Cody Pelchat – Bass
Evgeny Gromovoy – Drums


1.) Into the Realm
2.) Unbound Souls
3.) Misbegotten Dreams
4.) Puppeteer’s Bane
5.) Fire and Brimstone
6.) Imagination
7.) Journey’s End
8.) Oracle’s Prophecy
9.) Second Sight
10.) Siege of Arkona
11.) Voron the Ravensong


Following on from their Thundermark EP from 2018, Massachusetts-based power metallers Adamantis have arrived with their debut full-length, Far Flung Realm, and they wear their influences loud and proud throughout.

Those influences include such luminaries as Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden and Running Wild (indeed, “Puppeteer’s Bane” makes that last one abundantly clear, sounding fresh off of Blazon Stone), and Adamantis are no slouches at replicating some of those vintage sounds. Whether steadily crafting an epic tale or belting along at speedier pace, they know what they want to do and seem comfortable doing it. Jeff Stark’s vocals are a particular highlight, smoothly rising from gentle croons to heroic howls; he’s a perfect narrator for the sagas Adamantis wish to craft.

The downside is that those prominent influences can sometimes be a little too dominant, at the cost of Adamantis forging their own identity. This is not to suggest that every album needs to be striving to be totally fresh and unique, there’s nothing wrong with a well-done classic sound. But in a case like this, it needs a lot of energy and memorable writing to stand out. The songs on Far Flung Realm certainly aren’t bad, but at times they can blend into the general power metal mass somewhat. The band is at their best when they cut loose and kick things up a gear, as in “Unbound Souls” or the previously mentioned “Puppeteer’s Bane” with its unrelenting gallop, constantly rising higher and higher.

Elsewhere, the album is still enjoyable enough, but doesn’t feel like it’s trying particularly hard to stand out, or perhaps simply doesn’t yet have the experience needed to hone their intentions into something more. “Siege of Arkona” feels like it’s going for a very grand approach ala Manowar or even Atlantean Kodex, but there isn’t enough weight behind it all, plodding when it should be marching. “Oracle’s Prophecy” is another treat, making good use of Elisa C. Martin’s guest vocals in a fun duet with Jeff Stark.

Still, nothing on Far Flung Realm truly stumbles and falls. For power metal fans it will be a fun listen, especially in the more energetic songs, though it would be nice to see Adamantis taking further steps to stand out from the pack in the future.

Review by Kieron Hayes