Every Hour Kills – ReAwaken

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://everyhourkills.bandcamp.com/album/re-awaken
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/EveryHourKills/

Band line-up:

Sacha Laskow – Guitar & Programming
Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster – Vocals
Brent Stutsky – Bass


1. Veiled Aurora
2. Anthelion
3. Re:awaken
4. Time ft. guest guitar solo Rick Graham (Joe Satriani cover)
5. Veiled Aurora (Instrumental)
6. Anthelion (Instrumental)
7. Re:awaken (Instrumental)
8. Time (Joe Satriani cover) (Instrumental)


Throughout my years as a music journalist, I’ve known that my least favourite genres of metal involve Metalcore, Deathcore or any such genre deemed “modern”. This was why I was initially sceptical of Canadian band Every Hour Kills when I was handed their new EP: “ReAwaken.” Any such band who says they’d bode well with fans of Bring Me the Horizon or Soilwork is definitely not one I would put onto my playlist immediately, so it was a nice surprise to see this band were a little different to the dreadful cliches that have led me to dislike the genres in question.

Hailing from Calgary, Every Hour Kills describe themselves as progressive metal with an epic film score, and progression definitely shines through as opening track “Veiled Aurora” carries some catchy progressions which had images of space and the cosmos running around my head as the song went on. Vocalist Jerrod Maxwell Lyster also changes from clean to growled and screamed tones at nicely paced moments, making this a breath of fresh air in an output I have long disliked for the horrid changes in vocal techniques.

“Anthelion” adds in synthesisers and keys which gives depth to the cosmic theme of the album, which ties in with the free short story that came with it – any fans of science fiction dealing with alien interaction with doomed earth might want to check that out. It’s here that I felt it unfair to actually liken the band to the metalcore echelons and simply call them progressive metal, and strong progress is made with a good example of how to execute breakdowns well with the right vocal ranges.

“Re:Awaken” then takes the progressive melodies further and had me nodding nicely to this group whom I now felt I had unfairly overlooked. It is always a good moment to discover there are good bands out there in the realms of music you normally ignore so it was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, ReAwaken ends on an instrumental piece: “Time” originally composed by Joe Satriani, whose name would ring many bells for fans of instrumental rock. Here there is enough versatility and eclectic performance to deem Every Hour Kills a band to be favoured a lot by professional musicians, similarly to classics like Rush or Styx.

It should be mentioned that the band have included guest appearances by members of Bloodshot Dawn and Of Mice and Men, so do give this release a listen if those names are among your favourites. This edition also comes with instrumental versions of all four songs which adds an extra level of ambience and ambiguity to the band’s performance.

Give Every Hour Kills a try if you’re into modern and progressive metal that comes with extra intrigue if you like using music to perk your curiosities.

Review by Demitri Levantis