Tired Radio – Patterns

Rating: 0.5/5
Distributor/label: https://engineerrecordsusa.com/
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://tiredradio.bandcamp.com/album/patterns
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/tiredradiomusic/?ref=page_internal

Band line-up:

Anthony Truzzolino – Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Daly – Drums


1. Intro (Hurt Less)
2. Making Plans
3. Send for A Hospital
4. Mostly Downs
5. This Is Over
6. Five Day Bender
7. Stay Home
8. Gouge


I am extremely sorry in advance but there’s no other way I can put it: this album sucks!

Now, what makes a journalist like me make such a sweeping statement like that? Is it because of the band he was given, the music said band plays, the execution of the album or is it just that he was bored to tears on several occasions by the hunk of audible twaddle he was asked to review for this month? Frankly, said opinion has been formed regarding all the above points by a musician hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

Tired Radio is the brainchild of a Mr Anthony Truzzolino who describes himself in his press release as a “self-confessed professional crybaby.” Now, I’m all for emotion being shown in all kinds of music, but this album doesn’t offer the heartfelt compassion I would look for if when seeking out music to soothe my inner turmoils. This band instead takes the “crybaby” concept and pushes its annoyance to the maximum.

The debut album from Tired Radio, who must’ve named themselves after the fact most radio stations grew sick and tired of their sound over a decade ago, begins with a truly forgetful opening of a guy whinging over an acoustic guitar before jumping on some dull pop-punk riffs to burn the eardrums with snotty, pathetic jibes about how sad a young man like him has become lately.

With that said, the musicianship is decent across this album, but it seems to be Truzzolino’s vocals that betray what could have been a good alternative rock album. However, by the time I got to “Send for A Hospital”, I felt like I’d need to go to the hospital for how much torture I’d bestowed upon my earholes.

It’s almost as if the band wants the audience to feel the pain and irritation as “Five Day Bender” is aptly placed on the track-listing to the point I was asking “how the hell did I get this far?” The track itself is ok in terms of guitar and drums but…. the vocals once again are like a hot poker to the brain.

Not even one of these songs stand out in terms of substance, nothing on this could have been a minor hit even for the days when My Chemical Romance ruled the airwaves. Now, having grown up in that era and built a keen prejudice against the sound of bands like MCR, I will admit I am being biased – but in this case, I was sent on an unwanted trip down memory lane to the days when whiny middle-class boys who couldn’t find a love partner ruled the airwaves and sent me into an angry journey underground culminating in the love of political and outspoken extreme metal.

Tired Radio has a hefty level of foreboding to its dismal and sickening output, foreboding of why pop-punk and emo fell out of interest to mainstream rock radios, and one man has tried in vain by taking some ok riffs inspired by the likes of Blink and Sum 41 and put them to some of the worst vocals and lyrics I’ve heard in the decade I’ve been doing this job.

Once again, this album sucks and I urge you to avoid it like the plague.

Review by Demitri Levantis