Sépulcre – Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: https://invictusproductions.net
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://invictusproductions666.bandcamp.com/track/morbid-transcendence
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Sépulcre-114775230366403

Band line-up:

KD: Guitar, bass, vocals
HW: Guitar
JW: Drums


1. Intro-Sepulcrascent
2. Invocation Of Plague Ridden Entit
3. Morbid Transcendence
4. Drowned In Impure Semen






Sepulcre are a death/doom metal band on Invictus Productions who will be releasing their striking debut demo album ‘Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence’ on 13th November 2020. It is a three track, (four if you count the ambient/noise intro) 15 minute work with a dark and feral sound, and with haunting leads and filthy riffs. The group are yet another worthy addition to France’s now booming death metal scene. However, they stand out from many of their contemporaries in that they are influenced by more ancient death metal. 

Unsurprisingly, as Sepulcre have been heavily influenced by the sounds of the past, their approach isn’t particularly original. However, the guitarist uses the whole range of his heavily downtuned instrument and does so with as much competence as necessary for a band who don’t take themselves TOO seriously. (In the way prog death metallers would, for example). The tempos range from horrifyingly slow to completely rampant and you get a whole range of textures, too. Sometimes the cold guitars are on their own, creating a tense and every so slightly unfamiliar atmosphere, others there are drum and bass teases that up the tension, and other times the whole band play together with maximum fury. The ‘lighter’ sections only make the heavier ones sound more intense. 

Whilst the riffs are perfectly reasonable, they are simply too ‘classic’ most of the time. It’s understandable what the band are trying to do, but they have to do SOMETHING new at least, or what’s the point? ‘Drowned in Impure Semen’ ( :O ) however, is more interesting with its Nile-meets doom metal guitar lines, in the middle section. The band should be praised for taking a well respected band into a bit of a new direction, but sadly such innovations only last a couple of minutes or so. Hopefully these guys will release a whole album of twisted influences in the future. It’s a little bit strange the song in discussion ends slightly suddenly, just at the point things were starting to get good. This may be a demo album, but it gives the impression it was a little rushed. 

In conclusion, these guys are all about excitement and for many, if not most, that’s all they need to be. However, those who are harder to impress or who have listened to so much of the genre it’s getting tiring, will be wanting to hear some different scales/chords/drum beats, etc. This album IS very well done and there’s perhaps little the majority would want to change with the classic raw production style and lack of pretension, it’s just that there are countless albums of this style already. Still though, recommended. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann