DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES – Alchemia Aeterna

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Argonauta Records
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Facebook / Bandcamp

Band line-up:

EK – Bass
PV – Drums
AR – Guitar
TH – Guitar
JT – Vocals


1. At The Crossroads
2. Under Her Spell
3. Caught Somewhere Out of Time
4. The River Deep
5. Veriurut
6. Cemetery Earth


DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES are a Finnish heavy rock & blues doom metal act that got together in 2011. Previously known as Deliverance, their upcoming opus, “Alchemia Aeterna”, has a rough edge and live feeling all the way, and is not afraid to cross genres of the doom, metal, hard rock, black metal, and the blues. The album was recorded at the Anvil Road Studios in 2019 by Ari Rajaniemi, mixed by Antti Lindholm at Boat Island Studios, and was mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control in 2020.

Their opening song to the album, At The Crossroads, immediately felt reminiscent of the early metal bands such as Sabbath with the black metal elements intertwined with the bluesy sounds. This creates a decent impression of what to expect during the rest of the album. Leading into Under Her Spell, the intro is opened with a heavy droney guitar pulling in the doom-like metal sounds which complement the song. Around 3:10 into the song, the tone changes into heavier and slightly faster riffs, incorporating a slight sense of prog metal being added into the mix.

The slowest song I found in the album was Caught Somewhere Out of Time. The very slow tempo and very drudgey sounds help create this scenario surrounding the title of the song and felt slightly stoner metal-esque. Additionally, the presence of satanic themes with prog sounds felt prominent during the song.

One of my favourite songs on the album is The River Deep as it takes a different turn from the previous songs by introducing more cleaner instrumentals and cleaner vocals throughout the song. However, the heavier tones of the metal genre are reintroduced during the chorus which creates this welcoming blend of calm and aggression throughout. Despite being the shortest song of the album, it was an affable change.

The album ends with the longest song called Cemetery Earth. This track felt like a great culmination of all the other songs proceeding this one to create an epic finisher to the third addition in DEEP RIVER ACOLYTES’ existing discography.

Alchemia Aeterna“, the band’s third full-length album, will be coming out on October 30th via Argonauta Records

Review by Rossy Maguire