Dropdead – Dropdead

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Armageddon
Released: 2020
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Bob – vocals
Brian – drums
George – bass
Ben – guitar


1. Prelude
2. Torches
3. Road To Absolution
4. Only Victims
5. Warfare State
6. Corrupt
7. On Your knees
8. Vultures
9. The Black Mask
10. Ashes
11. Book Of Hate
12. Flesh And Blood
13. Stoking The Flame
14. Bodies
15 Hatred Burning
16. Nothing Remains
17. Abattoir Of Pain
18. Stripped By The Knife
19. Hail To The Emperor
20. Before The Fall
21. United States Of Corruption
22. Will You Fight?
23. The Future Is Yours


Dropdead has been kicking about as long as I have on this planet, and the band has set up its 3rd full and self-titled release. So that’s three full-length albums all under the same name. Different and new music on this one but the older ones will also be remastered and reissued this year, so try not to get confused when venturing into the world of Dropdead.

What’s not confusing is that Dropdead has continued to do what they do best with only some slight stylistic changes to the vocals on this new release. There’s plenty of short, bursting, and full-on tracks on this smasher, 23 tracks to be precise. The band itself has kept the same formation since 2010 when George Rainford signed up to play bass alongside the three founders Bob, Ben, and Brian.

Keeping that core of the band together has helped Dropdead stay true to themselves and maintain their own style. This is a style that fights with more than enough ammunition from the forces-that-be in the world and their own corner of the globe especially. Yes, Dropdead have a pile of shit so great to dump on the current state of affairs and you can trust that they will deliver it accordingly.

There’s a great mix of styles here as some tracks are thrash and borderline grind whereas you get some classic USA styled hardcore thrown in for good measure. The riffs from Ben can be tectonic in force whilst the rhythm section made of George and founding drummer Brian can drive the tempo forward or reel it back depending on the needs of each individual track. The shorter 30 odd second bursts like on ‘Only Victims’ and ‘God Illusion’ is where the tempo is most furious and all the blast beats are implemented.

The vocals are much lighter than the majority of the band’s previous work but they still pack a punch and deliver the goods. Probably a wise idea after vocalist Bob was in a motorbike accident a couple of years back and he probably still has some recovery to do. There’s plenty of decent tracks but I’m quite partial to the strength of ‘Flesh and Blood’ and ‘Book of Hate’ as being the two top tracks. There’s something for everyone though so there’s only a slim chance that you wouldn’t be able to take away positives from somewhere with this.

Dropdead are doing what they do best and still have plenty of goods ready to tackle many of the world’s issues. There’s inspiration as well as degradation that spills out from this beeper of an album. It’s short but very sweet and definitely one that’ll get a few plays in the future from me. Smashing stuff indeed.

Review By: Pete Mutant