SARCOPTES – Plague Hymns

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Transcending Obscurity
Release: 2 October 2020
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Bandcamp/Transcending Obscurity Europe/Transcending Obscurity US Store
Band Website: Sarcoptes Facebook

Band Line up:

Garrett Garvey – Vocals, Drums
Sean Zimmerman – Guitars, Bass and Keyboards


1. The Vertigo Soul
2. La Moria Grandissima


Four years after their acclaimed full-length album, Sarcoptes members Garrett Garvey and Sean Zimmerman return with Plague Hymns. It’s important to pause to appreciate that in a moment of thematic genius, the Californa duo decided to name their collaboration project after the mites which cause scabies. Fun.

A compact E.P. only contains two songs, Plague Hymns runs for a hefty sixteen minutes so there’s plenty of music to sink your teeth into. There is something to be said about putting the listener’s attention span through its paces if an upcoming full-length record will be comprised of just eight-minute tracks. Or it could be epic. Who knows?

This tasty little black metal hors d’oeuvre tantalises the listener with what is to come with a refined mix of death metal, thrash served on a dish of black metal. A credit to the band that all these elements seem to compliment each other well, rather than making an inter-genre mish-mash of just noise and chaos.

The records’ energy impressively doesn’t dip with the tight, aggressive drums of thrash and the raw screeching analog haze of black metal.

There is a desire to have a little more to judge the overall vibe that this band is going for but, with only two tracks to at my disposal, I can say I’m down to hear more.

Review by Annalisa Orlando